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Order of the Golden Dawn Index for Grade Curriculum


The RRetAC (Second or Inner Order) grades and sub‐grades outlined in this post are available forever  download on the Internet (public domain), therefore is not a breach of any secret vouls from our part.  

I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

Released eBooks by Frater T.A.S. ::FRC XIII:

OUTER ORDER - Elemental Grades


  • Instruction Part 1
  • Instruction Part 2
  • Instruct Grade Sash
  • Grade Sign
  • Initiation Instructions
  • Artificial Elemental Creation
  • God Form Creation
  • God Form Anubis
  • God Form Nepthys
  • Knowledge Lecture 2
  • LIRP-Meditation on AURIEL
  • Psychic Self Defense
  • Qabalah & Personality
  • Rituals AMPR
  • Rituals BRP
  • Rituals GBITR
  • Enochian Tablets Earth Watchtower North
  • Temple in Malkuth
  • Temple Officers
  • Temple Symbology 1
  • Temple Symbology 2
  • Qabalah: TOL 4 Worlds 
  • Ritual Tools: Earth Pentacle
  •  Advancement Grade Instructions


  • Instructions
  • Initiation Instructions
  • Knowledge Lecture 3
  • Temple Symbology: Grade Sash
  • Temple Symbology: Grade Sign
  • Temple Symbology: in Yesod
  • Temple Symbology: 1
  • Temple Symbology: 2
  • Temple Symbology: 3 Caduceus
  • Temple Symbology: 4
  • Temple Symbology: 5 Cubical Cross
  • Elemental Weapons: Dagger
  • Exercise: Creating/Development of the Body of Light
  • Exercise: Moon Breath
  • LIRP Meditation in Raphael
  • God Forms: Aroueris
  • Mythology: Macrocosm Infernals
  • Mythology: 3 Veils of Negative Existence 
  • Mythology: Garden of Eden and the City of Apocalypse 
  • Sacred Geometry: Polygons and Polygrams
  • Enochian: Tablets Air
  • Divination: Hebrew and Tarot
  • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana
  • Divination: Geomancy
  • Divination: Kamea of Moon
  • Divination: Tattwas Introduction 
  • Divination: Astrology & Planetary Aspects
  • Qabalah: Introduction
  • Qabalah: TOL Alchemycal Sephiroth
  • Qabalah: TOL and Moon
  • Qabalah: TOL Serpent Paths
  •  Advancement Grade Instructions


  • Grade Instructions
  • Highlights of the Grade
  • Rituals: Grade Initiation
  • Knowledge Lecture 5
  • Exercises: Advanced Vibration Technique
  • Alchemy: Introduction
  • Alchemy: Sephiroth Attributions
  • Alchemy: Basic Definitions
  • Astrology: Symbols of the Planets
  • Temple Symbolism: Introduction
  • Temple Symbolism: The Cup of the Stolistes & Admission Badge
  • Temple Symbolism: The Solar Greek Cross
  • Temple Symbolism: Grade Sash
  • Temple Symbolism: Grade Sign
  • Temple Tools: Elemental Cup
  • Temple Arrangements: Path of Hod
  • Temple Arrangements: Path of Resh
  • Temple Arrangements: Path of Shim
  • Sacred Geometry: Tetrahedron
  • Mythology: Garden of Eden
  • Mythology: Olympic and Planetary Spirits
  • Mythology: Qlippoth on the TOL
  • Enochian: Watchtower of the West Tablet
  • God Forms: Isis
  • Rituals: LIRP
  • Rituals: Establishing the Temple in Hod
  • Qabalah: Elements of the TOL
  • Qabalah: 7 Havens of Asiah in the TOL
  • Qabalah: Sephirotic Tablets
  • Divination: Geomancy 2
  • Divination: Geomantic Figures
  • Divination: Geomantic Reading
  • Divination: Geomantic TOL
  • Divination: Kamea of Mercury
  • Divination: Tablet of Planets on the Symbol of Mercury
  • Divination: Tablet of the Alchemical Mercury
  • Divination: Tablet of the 7 Planets
  • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana
  • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana - Judgment Card
  • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana - Sun Card
  • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana - Energy Influences on the Paths
  • Exercises: Grade Meditation
  • Exercises: Skrying
  • Exercises: Building of Character and the Purification of the Soul
  • Advancement Test Instructions


    • Grade Introduction
    • Grade Initiation Instructions
    • Knowledge Lecture 6 Part 1
    • Knowledge Lecture 6 Part 2
    • Grade Symbols: Calvary Cross of 10 Squares
    • Grade Symbols: Calvary Cross of 12 Squares
    • Grade Symbols: Cube of Space
    • Temple Symbolism: Introduction
    • Temple Symbolism: Grade Sash
    • Temple Symbolism: Grade Sign
    • Temple Symbolism: Hegemon Cross (Wand)
    • Temple Arrangements: In Netzach
    • God Form: Horus
    • Rituals: LIRP
    • Mythology: Qlippoth
    • Qabalah: The 72 Names of God
    • Qabalah: Shem Ha-Mephoresch (72 Names)
    • Qabalah: Aesch Metzareph - Purifying Fire
    • Astrology: The 12 Tribes
    • Divination: Caldean Oracles
    • Divination: Geomantic Talismanic Symbols
    • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana - Moon Card
    • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana - Star Card
    • Divination: Tarot Major Arcana - Tower Card
    • Divination: Tattwas
    • Enochian: Watchtower of the South Tablet
    • Enochian: Pyramid of the 4 Elements
    • Advancement Test Instructions


    05=06 NAM (Neophyte Adeptus Minor)

    • NAM Adept Minor Initiation 
    • NAM Analysis of the 5=6 Initiation 
    • NAM Clarification Oath 
    • NAM Rose Cross Lamen 
    • NAM J Sacred Oath and the TOL 
    • NAM Consecrating the Vault 
    • NAM Symbolism of the Banners 
    • NAM Telesmata and Flashing Tablets 
    • NAM Four Genii of the Hall of the Neophyte 
    • NAM Evil and Unclean Spirits 
    • NAM Archangelic Force on the Paths p2 
    • NAM The Holy Rosary 
    • NAM Telesmatic Figures 
    • NAM A Book of the Concourse of Forces 
    • NAM A General Orders 
    • NAM B Complete Symbolism of the Pentagram 
    • NAM C Complete Hexagram Symbolism 
    • NAM Consecration Ceremony for a Venus Talisman 
    • NAM D Tools of the Inner Order 
    • NAM Divine Names tools 
    • NAM Enochian Dictionary 
    • NAM F Consecration of the Rose Cross Lamen 
    • NAM G Consecration Ritual of Tools 
    • NAM K Ritual of the Consecration of the Vault 
    • NAM S Table of Attributions p1 
    • NAM S Table of Attributions p2 
    • NAM T CF 48 Angelic Keys or Calls 
    • NAM T3 48 Angelic Keys or Calls 
    • NAM Tetragrammaton on the Great Cross 
    • NAM U1 Secret Wisdom of the Lesser World 
    • NAM U2‐5 Task to be Undertaken by the Adeptus Minor 
    • NAM U4 Skrying in the Spirit Vision 
    • NAM U6 Obsession, Trance & Death 
    • NAM U7 Liber Hodos Chameleonis 
    • NAM Z1 Enterer of the Threshold 
    • NAM Z2 Formulae of the Magic of Light 
    • NAM Z3 Symbolism of the Candidate 
    • NAM Advancement Grade Instructions

    5=6 ZAM (Zelator Adeptus Minor)

    • ZAM The Rose Cross Ritual 
    • ZAM Analysis of the Keyword 
    • ZAM Full Moon Healing Vigil 
    • ZAM Advanced Meditation of Rahynda 
    • ZAM Bornless Middle Pillar 
    • ZAM Tablet of Hermes 
    • ZAM Calling Forth of the Higher Genius 
    • ZAM Lineal Figures 
    • ZAM Recommendation of the Adeptus Minor 
    • ZAM Ritual 1 
    • ZAM Spiritual Initiation of the Body of Light 
    • ZAM Magical Eucharist 
    • ZAM Good Friday Rite of Dedication 
    • ZAM Magical Sword 
    • ZAM Consecration Ceremony Jupiter Talisman 
    • ZAM Fama Fraternitatis 
    • ZAM Ritual of the Dead 
    • ZAM Confessio 
    • ZAM Ritual of Spiritual Alchemy 
    • ZAM Ritual 5 
    • ZAM Consecration Ceremony for a Sun Talisman 
    • ZAM God Form: RA
    • ZAM Ceremony of the Equinox 
    • ZAM  Advancement Grade Instructions

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    1. Lol. I'm Sorry dear frather but your description of both the G.D. and inner order curriculum as far as the HOGD goes is incorrect. With respect M.C.

      1. Care Frater M.C.
        That curriculum outline was available online for download and was part of the former Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, now inactive. The lessons were delivered as part of a correspondence course provided by the EOGD. The curriculum is provided here as it is and as an example only and it it is not intended to be taken as some kind of standard GD curriculum as various Ordens may have variations of this one.

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