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The 12 Rosicrucian Paths

Is there a hidden layer of teaching in the AMORC Master Monographs? Is that layer of secrecy related to the purpose of some particular exercises/experiments conveyed in the high degrees related to the 12 Rosicrucian Paths? 

I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

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May be as a result of my background in Anthropology and Archaeology I have a fascination for hidden chambers and mystery. Therefore, after 40 years of study and practice of A.M.O.R.C. teachings I become fascinated by the puzzle involving the hidden chambers or Inner Portals mentioned in the Order's lessons. It's like a big puzzle with clues hidden all over the Master Monographs. But happens that I am a very persistent seeker and I never give up.  


  • Introduction
  • Why 12 R+C Paths?
    • Clues to the Hidden Chambers
    • The Sacred Secret Chamber
    • The Personal "Note"
    • The Light Body Exercises
      • The Light Egg (A.M.O.R.C.)
      • The Egg Exercise (S.R.I.A.)
      • The Body of Light Activation (S.U.)
      • The Middle Pillar Ritual (H.O.G.D.)
      • MER-KA-BAH
    • Cosmic Spiral
      • AMORC Cosmic Spiral
      • Bringing Down the Light
    • Cosmic Counterpart 
  • What I Found So Far
    • Contacting with My HS
    • Body of Light & Related
    • Reaching the Personal Note
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Update History
  • Comments


Before I proceed sharing my findings with you I would like to say that I am a very methodical person and as a result I like to organize my studies carefully and systematically. Within an average period of 5 years, I usually do a review of my A.M.O.R.C. monographs. Each period I select a specific aspect of the studies to review, re-doing the experiments / exercises / practices that are related. That's the hard part, as I find very difficult to search in the documentation available (the Master Monographs) for all the pices of information required about a particular topic as they are among the scattered topics in the monographs. I also used to resource to my personal Cosmic Diary and notes. As I mentioned in related post, I have converted all my Master Monographs using the PDF format and uploaded them on my iPAD. However, the big difficult is that my preferred application, the GoodReader does not have the capability to perform a global search into the PDF file contents, only by file names. What I need in the search results is a list of all pdf files including in my search not only the false names but their contents. The results list should provide a brief preview (as child items) showing off in what context the keywords were found (by page) for each document.

My wish list also includes the same capability to be implemented into the AMORC member section, allowing members of the high degrees to optimize their study reviews online - of course according to the level of security login access of each student. In that case, let's say if the student member is current studying up to the 10th Temple Degree, so they automatically should have access to all monographs up to the 10th (or to all degrees prior and including their current degree up to the current monograph). 

Why 12 R+C Paths?

With this post I would like to share with you my insights during my current period of reviewing my Rosicrucian studies. I am planning to present my findings progressively as I progress in my current review. I hope Blogger will keep my subscribers informed by the constant updates that will be required to reflect the progress in my study review.

I must confess that I only become aware of the 12 Rosicrucian Paths after reading Raymond Bernard's book entitled "The Secret Houses of the Rosicrucians", p.29, quoting:

"Each of the twelve "Secret [Rosicrucian] Houses" have a particular and specified raison d'etre. Each is bound to a established discipline of the Rosicrucian Order in itself, and this signifies that there are in this tradition TWELVE PATHS, or again that the postulant, in order to profit from the Rosicrucian technique, must possess an interior "Note" corresponding with TWELVE NOTES which form the keyboard of the Rosicrucian Order. This means also that  the Rosicrucian tradition has TWELVE PATHS OR CHARACTERISTICS WITHIN THE SAME OUTER VISIBLE ORGANISATION. ALSO, THAT THE RESULT FROM THE SAME TEACHINGS, THE SAME TECHNIQUE OR METHOD, TWELVE DIFFERENT OUTCOMES CAN BE ATTAINED, AND ALL CORRESPOND IN THE LAST ANALYSIS TO THE FINAL STATE OF ROSE-CROIX. This explanation does not mean that there are twelve different outer organisations. It is in the same outer organisation that these twelve possibilities are united”. (Bernard, 1968)

Raymond Bernard, Grand Master of the A.M.O.R.C. French Jurisdiction in the 1960’s, placed special emphasis on those special exercises as a condition to contact the Rosicrucian Masters. However, the lack of clear references or in-depth development of such techniques in the Master Monographs leaves the student guessing how to do it properly how to put together all their bits and pieces, and probably rare students would be able to figure that out. 

But it is also true that when talking with a Frater friend of mine, many years ago, while he was studying the High Degrees (more advanced in degrees than myself at that time), I recall that he mentioned about hidden clues that may lead the student to secret chambers or portals connecting to inner planes of the Masters among the teachings. Recently I also found reference about the 12 R+C Paths re-reading my old Rosicrucian Manual were HSL mentioned clearly that the Rosicrucian system offers to the student 12 ways to reach the Cosmic Harmonization and the contact with the Great White Brotherhood of the Masters.

However, I think that was Venerable Fra. Bernard's experiences reported in his book that triggered the recall of some very definite points I found in the Master Monographs. Therefore, I would like to share with my readers some passages of that book, which will give more background on the subjects discussed in this post.

"The official monographs of our Order, the works published under the authority of, our tradition, the articles and conferences of our beloved Imperator as well as my own writings and explanations, repeat without ceasing that the Rosicrucian Order AMORC gives to its members the means of visible initiation which permits them one day to reach the invisible brotherhood. In other words it is often said that the Rosicrucian Order is the authentic VISIBLE way towards the INVISIBLE brotherhood of the Rose-Croix. The work, zeal and perseverance leads the sincere member to the state of initiatic understanding required for admission among the adepts of the Invisible Fraternity where THOSE WHO ARE READY are received. One can understand as a consequence that the invisible fraternity of the Rose-Croix IS CONCERNED with the activities of its outer organization - The Rosicrucian Order AMORC — both collectively and by the progress of each of its members. This progress is evaluated not by the mass of monographs studied, but by the TRUE development realized by the Rosicrucian and above all if a member knows how to USE the visible methods confided in him by the outer Rose-Croix, and if, in consequence, he has built an inner structure of sufficient value to show THAT HE IS READY. Then he can be assured that the doors of the inner Rose-Croix will be opened when the right moment comes. The responsibility of his own advancement is thus left to each member. He will inevitably reap by sincere work, immeasurably more understanding and efficiency and in the last analysis his life will be better, more orderly and happier." 

Raymond Bernard (1923-2006)
Discover the Litterary Work of Raymond BERNARD  

The Sacred Secret Chamber

Clues start to be disclosed in the 10th Temple Degree. Seems that some of the exercises or practices tought in that degree are directly aimed to lead the student to access the first of the secret chambers called the 10th Sacred Secret Chamber. 

My Concept of the 10th Sacred Secret Chamber Portal

According to the Order teachings that chamber should be accessed via the 10th Temple Degree's Initiation Ritual (Personal Sanctum version). That ritual should be conducted in the student private Sanctum (personal altar). Allegorically the secret chamber is considered to be located at the King's Chamber at the core of the Great Piramid of Egypt. Decoding the allegory, the Great Piramid represents the student's body and the King's Chamber their psychic heart centre. 

That secret chamber requires from the seeker certain components to be created and astraly assembled as a personal Key to open the sealed chamber. As such, the ritual includes 5 parts:

  1. Dark Portal: Visualize the Secret Chamber's dark portal (as illustrated above).
  2. Golden Key: Perform the part of the Initiation Ritual to get a number and a word or frase to use in the next step. which the later is the chamber's key to contact the student's Higher Self.
  3. Golden Seal: Perform the part of the Initiation Ritual to create a visualized composite made of a Triangular tought-form placing the received Word, the Number and the HS on each vertice.
  4. Entering into the Chamber: Visualise the Golden Seal until the feeling of entering into the chamber. Suggestion: use the skrying technique, visualizing a 3D Golden Seal and projecting through it. After get into the chamber, the student's Inner Master (HS) should be called asking for guidance.
  5. Open to receive an Inner Master (HS) message.

  • The Word: Further instruction on The Word can be found in the AMORC-D11T-MM#010 (PT).
  • HS Contact: Further instructions to contact the HS can be found in the AMORC-D10T-MM#018 (PT). 
  • The last two steps should be used as a regular meditation practice to contact the HS getting its guidance. Also is important to noticed that particular details about the above mentioned ritual cannot be disclosed here as a result of my personal vous to the Order. 

We can conclude so far that this ritual is the first basic step to enter into the other high chambers, which requires the guidance of the seeker's HS. Please, refer to the section Contacting with My HS in this article for my personal account while performing that exercise. 

Clues to the Hidden Chambers

I am still believing in the words of our first Imperator, Harvey Spencer Lewis (HSL), when he mentioned that he was "authorized" to pass only clues that may lead the student's to follow their own inner path. Beyond that the student must figured the path out by themselves with the assistance of their Higher Selves or by contacting a Masters of wisdom, receiving the knowledge but acquiring the wisdom by their own direct experience. 

An example of such clues can be found in the first Master Monograph of the 11th Temple degree:

My concept of the Inner Temple plus the Chamber's Notes
"That place where you are sitting now (in visualization) is the first chamber from a series of preparatory chambers. The place where you are is part of a large temple. A large squared building having in its center one temple in the likeness of a six pointed star, or two triangles interlaced [forming a Hexagram]. It is a majestic temple, silent and plenty of peace. Around the star temple there are 12 small preparation chambers like the one you are, that is the first one of the series." (AMORC-D11T-MM#001 (PT) p.6)
For instance, I had an insight that the temple outer chamber, to which HSL was referring to, was the one related to my Astro Sign, which is Pieces. Therefore, the note that I should use there is A.

However, apart from the reference above and to a secret chamber in the 10th Temple degree also referred above, no other specific references can be found in the entire volume of MM until the end of the 12th Temple degree detailing any aspects of those 12 chambers.

So I decided to seek for indirect clues that may lead the student to experience some of the 12 Rosicrucian Paths. Below are listed some of the most important exercises given by AMORC, an when available, similar or complimentary exercises found in other tradition that may help my fellow seekers figured out something about those paths.

The Personal "Note"

Since I reached the 12th Temple Degree, I realized the importance of the experiment / exercise designed to assist the student to find their personal NOTE. That experiment is described in details in the Master Monographs: AMORC-MM-D12T#032 & 033 (PT). The experiment in focus is based into the concept of Cosmic Harmonization, where the student find the dominant note (vibration) that can synch itself with the dominant vibration note of their psychic (Astral) body. Not to mention that having the personal Note is regarded as an essential step to be accepted into the Master's Secret Chambers, particularly to make contact with the Invisible R+C Fraternity.

In the referred monographs we also found that ",,, in the moment that we get into the meditation state with the intention to harmonize with the Cosmic we start to harmonize ourselves with the Cosmic vibrations related with our consciousness and expressed to our senses musically." Later the Master Monograph informs that our lower harmonic vibration can be herd psychically (using the psychic ear) like the sound of a Harp. 

That sound has a precise correspondency into the Yoga system. You may refer to the image below depicting each of the Cosmic sounds (related to the vibration of each Chakra or psychic center). The Harp sound can be heard as the third in the sequence, as we always start to perceive the Bumble Bee like sound first, then the Flaute and them the Harp. The Harp vibration is the manifestation our Solar Plexus center, related with our Vital Force and our Astral/Emotional body. 

The student of yoga practices like Kryia Yoga uses the OM Technique to perceive the inner sounds, one by one util they reach the psychic perception of the supreme OM (or AUM), which connects the seeker with the Cosmic Conciousness.

Actually, using the OM Technique the student is able, after certain period of attunement with the Cosmic vibration, to select or isolate a specific inner sound, like the Harp music. That technique is usually performed using a meditation armrest, invented in India by the old sages. 

The OM Tecnique can be performed very easily but requires persistent traing to achieve noticeable results, but no musical skills. The practioner needs to sit on a comfortable place, spine straight and using a rythm  breath. The image below illustrate the positions of the hand and the support for the arms to help concentration on the inner sounds.


AMORC on the other hand doesn't provide a clear set of procedures to achive such an important milestone for the student psychic development. The instructions resource to some music theory (which is not familiar to the average student - like myself). That's the reason why I tried to find complimentary information about this exercise in other traditions, like Kryia Yoga. As I pratice both systems, AMORC and Kryia Yoga, I decided to mix some complimentary practices like that one. 

Research with the Diatonical Scale vs Chakras

As a further study in the search for the Personal Note / Keynote, or how to relate the chakras with the musical diatonical scale  I found a very interesting article that I would like to share part with you to clarify our subject at hand.

Credits: Diatonic Scale in the Chromatic Circle

Table of Correspondence between the Diatonic Scale and the Musical Notes
C [Do] - D [Re] - E [Mi] - F [Fa] - G [Sol] - A [La] - B [Si]

"Another aspect of sonic chakra resonance has to do with the actual frequency or keynote of each chakra. There a multitudinous different keynotes and scales with regard to this. I often will simply sound the vowels on a monotone (in the same key) and let the harmonic (and the specific formant of the vowel) create the chakra resonance. 
When I do use different frequencies (or keynote) to use for each chakra, I prefer a diatonic major scale, starting on the note C. This is one of the most popular systems utilized to resonate the chakras. It is, as I have said, merely a system and there are others.
Of particular note is that the fundamental frequencies used for this system are harmonically related-that is the notes are the natural result of the geometric vibrations of a given string (brought within a single octave). The tuning is different than that of a keyboard (which utilizes a C that vibrates at 261 Hz). The notes that are createdcreated from the harmonically related scale are based upon the harmonics created from the fundamental notes of the note C that vibrates at 256 cycles per second (and then having the harmonics transposed down so that the fit within the octave of that C note). 256 Hz. is a harmonic of 1 cycle a second. Many believe this keynote to be in natural resonance with many of the frequencies of the Earth itself. Some belief it is a harmonic of the actual frequency of the Earth. 
The following is the system that I have utilized for the CHAKRA CHANTS and it's follow up recordings:


Crown - Sahasrara 
Keynote: B 
Frequency: 480 Hz. 
Vowel: Eee 
Bija: Om
Element: All 
Shabd Sound: Om 
Energy: Transcendence


3rd Eye - Ajna
Frequency: 426.7 Hz. 
Vowel: Aye 
Bija: Sham 
Element: All 
Shabd Sound: Bells/Space 
Energy: Insight, Wisdom 


Throat - Vishuddhi
Keynote: G
Frequency: 384 Hz. 
Vowel: Eye 
Bija: Ham 
Element: Ether 
Shabd Sound: Crickets
Energy: Communication, Creation


Heart - Anahata
Keynote: F
Frequency: 341. 3 Hz.
Vowel: Ah 
Bija: Yam 
Element: Air 
Shabd Sound: Wind 
Energy: Compassion, Love 


Navel - Manipura 
Keynote: E 
Vowel: Oh 
Frequency: 320 Hz. 
Bija: Ram
Element: Fire 
Shabd Sound: Roaring Fire 
Element: Fire 
Energy: Power 


Sacral - Svadisthana 
Keynote: D
Frequency: 288 Hz 
Vowel: Ooo 
Bija: Vam 
Element: Water 
Shabd Sound: Ocean 
Energy: Life Energy


Root - Muladhara 
Keynote: C 
Frequency: 256 Hz.
Vowel: Uh 
Bija: Lam 
Element: Earth 
Shabd Sound: Thunder/Earthquake
Energy: Grounding"
(Goldman, 2014)
I really don't know if the music scale proposed by Goldman has a perfect correspondence with the vibrations of each chakra tought by Kryia Yoga and heard by the psychic ear of the student. I am offering this resource as an alternative way to solve the riddle. Any contribution resulted from personal experiments or further research will be appreciated.

Research with the Chromatic Scale (12 notes)

Even though HSL mentioned that the Personal Note may sound like the music of an Harp and lead us to look at the Diatonical system (7 notes/Chakras), the whole system seems to point to the number 12 thus seems to indicate that the Chromatic scale should be investigated.

Credits: Chromatic Scale (Wikipedia)

That scale may fit the proposed 12 Paths, each one under the vibration of a specific musical note. We may use the diagram above, which shows the corresponding notes from the Diatonical scale so that we can use, for instance, an instrument or a Master Key 13 Notes Pitch Pipe for the exercise to find the Personal Note.

Finally, more on the Personal Note, I would like to quote the words of Fra. Raymond Bernard:

"Whoever is ready for the Rosicrucian Way has latent within himself, the twelve notes or qualities but, according to the play of evolution, IT IS BY ONE NOTE - HIS NOTE - THAT HE MUST FOLLOW HIS PATH TO ENLIGHTEMENT. Moreover, the twelve notes are in such concord that progress on one note “entails”, so to speak, a harmonious progression to the eleven others, even though these are not "wide awake", and this shows the underlying unity, from where the postulants advance through the twelve doors of the same dwelling.. You will have rightly deduced that each of the twelve houses represents a note. It shelters those who have REALISED the state of ROSE-CROIX through the note which it expresses. Moreover, in each house the twelve adepts, each represent also a note, or Path — the note or Path which has been his main characteristic in the final degree he has attained." (Bernard, 1977, p.30)

The Light Body Exercises

According to Fra. Stavish, "The origin of the “body of light” is seen in gnostic literature as early as the first century. However, extensive documentation and theory exist in Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Indian literature and practices of an earlier date. Under the general heading of chi kung, or Chinese internal alchemy, these practices are designed to create and mature a body of subtle astral and etheric energy that is capable of existence independent of material consciousness. This body is also thought to be capable of infusing the material body with sufficient energy to allow it to become more subtle and ‘etherial’. This ‘etherialization’ is said to make the physical body, under the direction of the adept, capable of de-materialization at the time of death. Enoch, Ezekiel, the ascension of Jesus, his mother Mary, and even Mohammed with his horse, are often given as examples of this form of dematerialization in Western spiritual literature." (Stavish, 1997)

References about the Body of Light may vary in denominations and some times that ethereal body is called the Cosmic Egg, Light Egg, etc. A.M.O.R.C. teachings does not tell us much about it. However, there are few references about the Egg exercise, even in the Internet. I have a copy from a message board which describes that exercise, quoted below.

I have included the reference to that exercise as part of the techniques related to the access to the 12 Rosicrucian Paths as it seems related to the development of the student's Light Body, which is an essential condition for the contact with the Invisible Fraternity according to Fra. Raymond Bernard.

Credits: Light Grid

Below, I would like to give you other versions of that exercise to compare with the teachings included in the referred Master Monographs.

The Light Egg Exercise

A.M.O.R.C. calls this exercise as the Light Egg and can be found in the AMORC-D11T-MM#129 (PT). A brief description of this exercise is included here for your comparison. 

"Relax and visualize yourself surrounded by a large oval shell of light. Think about the oval light surrounding and enveloping you. Feel and seem its brightness. Expectedly, after the third or fourth day you would be able to perceive it's brightness in a dark room. You should visualize that light coming dawn to you and not emanating from you, like a big cloud of light perfectly white; like an open space and looking oval at the center where you should be." SourceAMORC-D11T-MM#129 p.4 (PT).

As you can see, at least in my version of the Master Monographs dating from the 80's, the reference to that important exercise for the development of the student's mystical path is very brief leaving just an outline of the implicit process. So I decided to include other exercises from other esoteric teachings to illustrate even deeper the process as well expanding its practice. 

The Egg Exercise (S.R.I.A.) 

From the R+C-FS-FORUM I received the Egg Exercise: "Most of you know at least some version of this technique, so we'll just outline the most effective way its built within the ranks of the Rose+Cross/Croix, Martinist, Templar and Rosicrucian systems. 

As a priest and a minor representative of one of the many Rosicrucian outfits out there (S.R.I.A.), I will pass on to you the process of "putting on the Armour," use this technique whenever you feel down (and up) but particularly every night at 7PM and/or 8PM, where thousands of us do this same exercise ... How to become a Brother/Sister of the Light. 

I've spent many years in many Orders and at present even represent a few. In all that time the most important practice, exercise, whatever you wish to call it, is the Egg Exercise. I know that Lewis  [HSL] didn't fully expound on it until the eleventh degree, but with alot of hints along the way. This exercise has been found in all true occult and mystical orders, and I truly feel that Lewis should have started people off with this exercise as soon as they started the Temple Degrees. (...) THERE ARE NO EXERCISES AS IMPORTANT AS THIS ONE. For this is the one that leads to our Transfiguration. Do this to charge the water you drink morning and night, do this before and during your breathing exercises, etc. As you read it you will understand. Standing, siting, laying down, in the shower, on the throne, doing dishes, weeding, running a front loader, doing data entry, writing a grant, forklifting, brushing your teeth, whatever, this exercise must become a major part of your life. This is the first part of the technique of being able to "pray unceasingly." If you are a priest or priestess, practice standing because this starts full blown with your vesting prayers and is the key to bringing down the force at the Epiclesis

  1. Relax (that's a key to everything), do a set of Complete Breaths the Master's Breath if you can, but don't worry about it yet. 
  2. Imagine a basketball size sun just above your head, a shaft of light and fire connects this ball with Sol of or solar system, feeding it fire, energy, Love, Light, Life, etc., etc. 
  3. Now a shaft of fire comes down from your personal sun and enters the top of your head at the crown, and travels down your neck and into your heart where it explodes into a shower of sparks. 
  4. Tons of sparks start working their way down your torso, spreading light, fire, heat, energy all through your body. Pushing all negativity, darkness, stain, fat, everything you don't need down your body, it just falls away into the earth (The Great Mother can transmute it), pouring out of the arches of your feet. 
  5. The sparks travel down into your stomach, intestines, hips, legs, knees, all the way down, pushing out dirt and darkness, until finally it reaches the toes and stops. 
  6. You then begin to fill with fire, your feet, ankles, legs hips, fire, energy, everywhere, causing the body to completely relax from the heat. 
  7. Always being fed from above, then the sparks start to fall down the arms doing the same, pushing out the darkness, then filling up with Light. 
  8. You can feel yourself cleansing, energizing, blood turning to gas, relaxing deeper, a slight feeling of expansion from the heat, as the fire fills up your neck, jaw, eyes, nose, brain, finally the crown. Your body is completely on fire, full of Light and Love from the Sun itself. 
  9. You can begin to feel the pressure build at the crown for you are still being fed from above, until finally the sparks explode out of the top of your head and showers down around you, behind and in front, on both sides sparks pushing away all darkness from you. 
  10. As these sparks come down they begin to pull closer to the body until they slip under and enter into the arches of your feet. Then it really begins to flow. Up the body, out, down, and around, always being fed from the sun above so the sparks turn into a mass of fire, flowing faster and faster, in, up, out, down and around, spreading farther and farther from you so you start to appear as a sun yourself. Nothing can touch you unless it or they are as bright or brighter than you, lest they be burned. 
This is the Robe of Glory, the Force, this will become the key to our Transfiguration when it gets strong enough. Surround yourself in it, surround your car as you drive, surround your loved ones in it. Most of you know this, but how many do it? If you get nothing else out of this series of lessons get this one. With practice it will get stronger, then when you get emotionally involved with this its power will leap to bounds unheard of, this is the key to personal magnetism, the key to true healing, this is how you attract your true teacher, by how much light you project with your mouth shut."
Paul F. Case saw it this way: 
"The higher technique of these exercises in creative imagination has to do with building the pattern of the deathless "Solar Body," which is symbolized by the rising sun in the background of Key 13. Few persons know that such a body can be built. Fewer still are aware that some human beings actually have built such a vehicle. The race thought runs counter to this idea. We mistakenly suppose that everyone must die."
This practice must be done for every exercise, ritual and liturgy you ever do, for without it you have no power to throw pentagrams, charge talismans, defend your home, yourself or others, invoke, evoke, heal yourself or others, perform the Liturgy or even pray effectively, let alone anything else of a nature you may wish to do." (Holcomb, 2000)

The Light Body Activation Exercise (Summit University)

The exercise described below is a summary of the lessons from Dr Joshua published in audio CDs by the Summit University (Stone, 2014):

  1. Prepare yourself focusing inwards.
  2. Relax and breath rhythmically.
  3. Focuse you intention of reaching your Monad, high above your head (higher chakras).
  4. Call your Monad to merge its Divine Light with the light of every cell in your body, expanding your Body of Light. 
  5. Feel the Divine Light comming down, merging with the light of your cells, each and all of them, expanding into a glorious body of white Light expanding all around you like a luminous egg of Light. Feel it invensible, indestructible, impenetrable, and invisible to all misqualified forces of the Universe.
  6. Then feel that Light also connecting to the centre of the Earth, like a Pillar of Light directly from the Cosmic Source, linking Havens and Earth. Feel the connection and the pulsating vibration running back and forth making you a living and conscious cosmic link.

The Middle Pillar Ritual

This exercise was developed by Israel Regardie as supporting technique for the students of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the beginning of the last century. The version published here was combination of my notes over an article published by EarthLink. The exercise uses kabbalistic and hermetic principles and was clearly based in the Egg Exercise above.
This is a powerful energy-invoking exercise used to bring down the Divine Light, into the body of the Initiate. Once the Light has been installed in the Heart (point 9 below), it may effectively be channelled outward as healing and transformative energy through the palm of the hand as a pure white Ray of force, towards whatever object is intended as recipient.

This exercise stands by itself as an energy focusing work, and may be utilized by any Initiate on a regular basis -- and certainly ought to be activated before attempting any transmittal of healing energy. It may also be done as part of a longer ritual process, such as following the LBPR and the Rose+Cross Rite, in that order. In this way, the LBPR clears and purifies your space; the Rose+Cross establishes a clear white background and connects the majors chakras upon which to work.

  1. Stand in the Temple (or other location) facing West. (This is because you are taken to be standing in the East, source of the Divine Light as it manifests on the Earth plane.)
  2. Arms are stretched out straight to both sides. On your right (the North) is the Black Pillar of Severity; on your left (the South) is the White Pillar of Mercy. You stand in between as the Kabbalistic Middle Pillar of Balance.
  3. A blindingly brilliant white light, the Light of the Infinite Self (Ain Soph Aur) originates far above your head, coming into the Crown (Saharshra chakra) forming a sphere the size of your head. Vibrate, strongly: EH-EI-EH ("I AM")
  4. When this is felt strongly, allow the light to descend to the Daath center (throat chakra).) Vibrate: YHVH ELOHIM (I Am the Mighty One of God.)
  5. Allow the Light to descend further to the heart center (Tiphareth/Anahatta chakra). Vibrate: YHVH ELOAH VE-DAATH. (I Am the Lord of Knowledge.)
  6. Allow the Light to descend through the Solar Plexus, down to the Svadisthana Chakra (generational center) at Yesod. Vibrate: SHADDAI EL-CHAI (Lord of Life.)
  7. Allow the Light to descend further, through the Muladhara Chakra (root center) and all the way down to the earth, gaining density as it progresses. Vibrate: ADNI HA-ARETZ (Lord of the Earth.)
  8. The Divine Light now surrounds the whole body of the Initiate.
  9. Allow it to ascend back up to center it in the Heart, where it becomes established in fullness.
  10. From this Center, visualize the Divine Light circulating around you, while doing a rhythmic breath, starting in your upper front side and circulating down below your feet towards the back and closing up over the head. 
  11. While continuing doing a rhythmic breath, visualize the Divine Light circulating now down to the right side, passing below your feet, running around your left side until the to of the head.
  12. After been filling the strong circulation of the energy around you get you attention back to you heart center. From that center, fell your entire body of Divine Light vibrating in height cosmic octaves , connected above with the Cosmic Source and below with the energy center of our Plane Earth. Fill the FLOW. (Adapted description from EarthLink article)

Credits: Light Grid


Another important aspect of the Body of Light is called by the Kabbalah as the MER-KA-BAH (MRKBh). Old Kabbalistic traditions kept the teachings about the Divine Vehicle secret to the profane. However, today its knowledge and study are becoming very popular through the Drunvalo Melkizedeck workshops and the Magnified Healing initiations. 

But what is that? What's the Merkabah? From my point of view, the Merkabah is the Cosmic Energy Structure of the BOL. It's based on the Sacred Geometry of the Tetrahedron and its energy flow attributes. Our BOL is generated by spinning the Merkabah to the speed of light, which generate a powerful field around the practitioner providing an environment of protection and a way to raise the personal vibration to the higher Cosmic levels, accelerating our spiritual evolution and contact with the higher planes.

Drunvalo Melkizedek provided a simple technique to develop the MERKABAH.

Cosmic Spiral

The Cosmic Spiral is ranked in the AMORC studies as an ESSENTIAL practice in the higher degrees. That practice is related to one of the corner stones of the Rosicrucian teaching, the Cosmic Harmonization. Or the ability by the student to exchange energies with the Cosmos, rising their own vibrations transmuting their bodies preparing to reach higher levels of consciousness. As such it has to be considered as one of the 12 Rosicrucian paths to Enlightenment. 

Credits: AMORC-D11T-MM#43-p.3 (PT) Cosmic Spiral

The Master Monograph referred above describes the Cosmic Spiral exercise in detail, so here  I am providing just a summary of it.

Basic Practice (AMORC-D11T-MM#43 (PT))

  1. Lay down and relax.
  2. Feel your Solar Plexus area (30 cm in diameter) rising its temperature and energy.
  3. After some time, visualize that energy rising in a clockwise spiral from the center of that area and opening its loops as it rises above your body and exponentially expanding its loops until reaching thousands of kilometers of diameter, or involving the entire Universe.
  4. Continue rising the spiral util its point of origin become noticeable warm.
  5. After performing this exercise for some time you'll start to feel an incoming Cosmic Energy from above following the spiral axis and penetrating into you Solar Plexus.

At this stage you will start to get into perfect harmonization between the Macro and Micro Cosmos realizing the meaning of the Emerald Tablet: "As above, so below...". So, this exercise expands the Adept's Cosmic Consciousness allowing them to contact the Cosmic Intelligences. 

Advanced Practices (AMORC-D12T-MM#36-37 (PT))

Combine this exercise with the Light Egg exercise.

Combine this exercise using your personal Note, vibrating it while feeling the warm sensation in your Solar Plexus.

Project your consciousness through the spiral and feel its regenerative effects in your body. 

Perform the Cosmic Spiral sitting on a chair changing the cardinal direction each time util you can determine the best direction for the practice.

ATTENTIONThose are summaries only of the steps related with the Cosmic Spiral exercise and should not be used by non members to perform this exercise. Total access to the referred Master Monographs are ESSENTIAL for the correctness and completeness of its practice.

Bringing Down the Light Ritual

From my studies with the Ordo Stella Matutina I would like to bring to you this wonderful ritual related with the Cosmic Spiral. This ritual was part of the studies but made public in the order's website for members. Today the order is inactive and their site was shutdown.

Credits: OSM Bringing Down the Light

  1. "After taking a ritual bath, sit quietly for a few moments of meditation, facing the Eastern part of your temple space. 
  2. When you feel ready, stand and place both of your hands over your heart center, one hand crossing the other. 
  3. Visualize a great brilliant Light which occupies a space that is both above you and beyond you in the East. 
  4. As you contemplate this Light, visualize the figure of a white triangle traced in the brilliance before you. The white ofthe triangle shimmers and pulses iridescently.
  5. When the vision is very strong, bring your right hand straight out in front of you and your left hand just in front of your heart area, palm outward.
  6. With your right hand, trace a large spiral in the air in front of you (begin at the outer left-hand edge of the spiral and go clockwise). 
  7. Bring the spiral slowly in toward you as you trace it. 
  8. When your right hand reaches your left hand, join both hands together with the fingers interlocking and turn them so that the knuckles of your hand touch your heart area, and the palms face outward. This is the Sign of the Spiraling Light.
  9. As you perform this, visualize the Divine Light spiraling in a funnel shape toward you.
  10. Say the words, "Let the white brilliance of the Divine Spirit descend!" As you do so, feel a flood of the Divine Light course through your entire body, from your head to your feet. The Light then centers itself at your heart area. Be aware of the connection that exists between your body and the universal Light. 
  11. Equilibrate this Light through your body by performing the Qabalistic Cross.
  12. Then say the words, "Khabs Am Pekht, Konx Om Pax, Light in Extension." 
  13. Make three complete clockwise circuits around the boundaries of your temple space, all the while envisioning that you are carrying the Divine Light around the temple in a spiral of energy from the area of your heart. 
  14. After completing the third circumambulation, return to the East and face West.
  15. Imagine the white triangle of Light firmly established in the center of your temple space. See it vividly.
  16. Continue meditating for as long as you like.
  17. when you are finished, make three counter-clockwise circumambulations of the temple all the while envisioning the white triangle in the center of the room disintegrating. 
  18. Imagine the Divine Light from the triangle flowing back through your heart center and up into the greater triangle of Light above you. 
  19. At the end of the circumambulation, turn again toward the East and, with your hands interlocked over your heart, begin the Reverse Spiral of Light, which is simply the total reversal of the Sign of the Spiraling Light.
  20. Pause and perform again the Qabalistic Cross for equilibration." (OSM, 2009)

As may noticed the ritual described above has many similarities and elements found in the AMORC rituals and exercises tought in the higher degrees, such as the Triangle of Lights (9T), Cosmic Spiral (11-12T), etc.

Cosmic Counterpart

Another important exercise given by AMORC teachings that is related to the Cosmic Spiral and to the Body of Light is the Cosmic Counterpart or Etheric Blueprint.

AMORC teaches us that in the Cosmic matrix lays our original blueprint, something like the template we leave on the sand by our body. That's the counterpart that our consciousness left in the Cosmic before entering into you physical body. To obtain perfect regeneration for our body and renewable energy you must re-match with your counterpart to assume its original qualities and connection with the restoring vital force. Here I'll provide a brief summary of the exercise provided in the AMORC-D12T-MM#47 (PT).

  1. Get yourself into deep meditation, preferably after done the Cosmic Spiral exercise, thus having achieved advanced Cosmic Harmonization.
  2. Visualize the Cosmic as the sands of a beach.
  3. Visualize your Cosmic Counterpart as the perfect template/blueprint for your body waiting for you to rematch.
  4. Visualize yourself filling your cosmic template completely until you feel that you have fit in it perfectly.
  5. Become conscious of the Cosmic space around you and become one with it. 
  6. Then feel the vital power of the Cosmic permeating every part of your body restoring your vitally and your regenerative powers, physically and psychically.

ATTENTIONThose are summaries only of the steps related with the Cosmic Counterpart exercise and should not be used by non members to perform this exercise. Total access to the referred Master Monographs are ESSENTIAL for the correctness and completeness of its practice.

What I Found So Far

In that section I'll give you a brief description of my finding for each of the Secret a Chambers mentioned in the Master Monographs. 

Contacting with My HS

Let's started with what I recall to be first step into the 12 R+C Chambers, the one mentioned in the Initiation of the 10th Temple Degree, the chamber related with the contact with the HS, to which I can say I have got the expected results far back in the 80's. I can recall how it happened as if was happening now. I have been contacting that chamber ever since.

However, the way it happened was a bit different from the instructions I received from the 10th Degree Temple monographs. As I said, recalling the day I was accepted to get into the inner chamber was a eventful morning. Then it was lunch time and I was sitting on the edge of the office garden in Brasilia, DF, Brazil, holding the 11th Temple Degree Monograph closed in my hands and looking at its front cover recapitulating its contents and teachings.

AMORC-D11T#10 Cover (Português)

I also recall from my Cosmic Diary (my journal) that I was studying the 11th Temple Degree lesson related to the preparation required to receive/perceive my personal WORD. As you my noticed, the cover illustration above depicts a Portal beautifully and skillfully drawn by HSL himself. While rehearsing the teachings and looking at the monograph cover I entered into a spontaneous state of deep contemplation looking through the Portal without focusing onto its details. Suddenly, I felt myself in a totally different place; some kind of vast area showing some landscape. Today I realized that I had a skrying experience without knowing the technique. 

Then I focused my attention into that landscape and I saw a perfectly squared white building. Immediately I noticed a strong luminosity comming from the base of the building, just in the middle of the wall I was facing. I felt an irresistible attraction to that spot and I started moving toward it. As I arrived on the spot I noticed that it was an entrance to a vast room. I stepped in and started to feel its dimensions, when a pledge popped up in my mind: "I want to know my personal WORD!". That's when I saw written in big letters of fire before me my WORD! And at the same time a chorus of celestial voices started to vibrate the WORD in a particular musical note... I was absorbing each peace of that auditory vision when I had an impulse to vibrate it by myself, which provoked an emanation of pure white Light coming from all directions penetrating into my body, being whole with the Light... I felt regenerated by the Divine Light and its infinite LOVE. I think I was there for long time until my mind gave an alarm for my return to my job duties. Actually, few minutes have just passed...

After that moment I immediately took basic notes about was happened and later with more details in my journals. However, as the experience described above was strangely different from what I was expecting, based on the teaching of the 10th Temple Degree, I became a bit confused about the whole thing and only years after the event I realized what really happened at that moment. Today I knew the reason of my confusion. The experience happened in reversed steps comparing to the guidelines provided by the 10th Degree monographs. For instance, I started with the Portal (not the Dark One) but was not required to have a NUMBER nor the WORD or to create the Golden Seal. On the contrary, I need to get into the chamber first and in there I received my personal WORD to contact my HS. Also I realised that is the chamber of my HS and that I can go back there any time I want to be bathed in the regenerating Divine Light and contact my HS. 

Body of Light & Related Exercises 

Since I have reached some matured understanding of what the spiritual development is about I realized the importance of the Cosmic Harmonization (CH) or Cosmic Attunement and the development of the Body of Light (BOL).
Again, in my understanding, is through the CH that we start to tap into the Cosmic Energy Matrix, which can be used for regeneration of our physical bodies as well for all four lower bodies (Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental).
Since we can reach a reasonable level of CH we can start to work with the BOL, which is the most important vehicle of manifestation for our Higher/Inner Self. Esoteric Traditions tell us that is not the Astral or Psych body, but a higher vibrational body attuned with the Solar Etheric energies and that's our future vehicle of higher evolution. If someone has fully developed their BOL they can transfer ones consciousness during the Transition (death process) into that body becoming a truly immortal being (keeping their consciousness).
So far I am currently be able to charge my BOL enough to feel it very clearly. That was the result of experimenting with different techniques and practices. For instance, after receiving an initiation on how to activate my MERKABA (Cosmic structure of the BOL) the process started and was magnified with the Light Egg Exercise / Middle Pillar Ritual combined with Cosmic Counterpart and the Light Activation exercises. 
Wow! You may say... That's a lot to take in... But it's not. It's the result of a long term commitment to practice using whatever time I have, anywhere including in my personal Sanctum. After some time the exercises start to melt between each other saving a lot of extra time and proving an instantaneous inner attunement. 
The key is PERSEVERANCE...and guidance from your Higher Self.

Reaching the Personal Note

What I am about to say was a personal and direct experience and may not apply for every one. 
I usually wake up with my alarm clock (actually from my iPhone) at 6:30 AM. After some time I started to spontaneously wake up half hour earlier and guided by my HS to perform the combined exercises of CS+CC+OT*. That combination has being very powerful as I usually feel a strong pulse connection with the Cosmic energy with the CS and the revitalizing effects of the CC. But the most interesting effect was obtained after that, when I was guided to use the OM Technique (OT). Starting from the basic chakra (Muladhara), I was able to focus my attention on each chakra and hear its psychic sound until I reach the Third Eye (Ajna), where we hear all sounds mixed like One sound. At that point I realised that this sound is my Personal Note, which is the necessary achievement to reach the Cosmic OM at the Crown chakra (Sahasrara).


In this section I will draw my conclusions regarding the secret chamber and the 12 secret Rosicrucian paths to self-realization. 

As a food for thought, let's consider this quote from Fra. RB above. 

"This progress is evaluated not by the mass of monographs studied, but by the TRUE development realized by the Rosicrucian and above all if a member knows how to USE the visible methods confided in him by the outer Rose-Croix, and if, in consequence, he has built an inner structure of sufficient value to show THAT HE IS READY. Then he can be assured that the doors of the inner Rose-Croix will be opened when the right moment comes. The responsibility of his own advancement is thus left to each member."

  • What's the "True development" that should be realized by the Rosicrucian student?
  • How should the student build an "inner structure"?
  • What's this required "inner structure"? 
  • How to evaluate such "inner structure"? 
  • What are that "value" that shows that the student is "READY"?

My extensive and in depth study of the high degrees (also called the Illuminati* section) lead me to a conclusion that AMORC was somewhat planned to implement the degree material related to the 12 Chambers for the Inner Temple, however seems that HSL and RML, the previous Imperators who designed and written the Master Monographs for that section, have difficulties to find the appropriate content material to do so. May be that was a result of AMORC been disconnected from the GWB or Invisible Fraternity of the Rosicrucians. Who knows the actual reason for that lack of implementation? But the fact is that I can't find any indication of such implementation in the degrees following the 11th, where the hint was mentioned (see above quotation).

(*) ILLUMINATI - The term used in the context of the MM has no reference to the Bavarian Illuminatti. HSL when used that term was referring to the high initiated members of the Great White Lodge, or Rosicrucians who achieved the highest degree of enlightenment and Cosmic contact, or Enlighted beings.

I hope that with this post our Fraters an Sorors have found enough material to motivate their further searches into the subject and share their findings with us supporting the overall progress of the AMORC students. 

It is IMPORTANT to take into consideration that the extreme veil of secrecy around the AMORC teachings is obstructing and delaying the students progress. I am not advocating here to fully disclose the exercises procedures, but to discuss the exercises/rituals implications, hidden tips/clues, connections between various exercises/rituals and possible enhancement of some excersises based on other similar traditions. Only if we can share our direct experience we will be able to help each other on that fraternal path.

If you wish to research further into the mystery of the 12 Rosicrucian Paths or Secret Chambers of initiation, please refer to my eBook: The Rise of the Adepti Volume II: The College of the Adepti.

Glossary of Abbreviation & Terms Used

HSL - Harvey Spencer Lewis, first Imperator of A.M.O.R.C. for the current cycle. 
RML - Ralph Matthew Lewis, son of HSL and his successor on the Imperator's sit.
GWB - Great White Brotherhood of Masters.
(PT) - Portuguese version of the Master Monographs.
D11T - Degree 11th, Temple section (as D12T).
MM# - Master Monograph sequential number for the publication version. 
CS - Cosmic Spiral
CC - Cosmic Counterpart 


  • A.M.O.R.C.'s master monographs Index.
  • Bernard, Raymond (1968) As Mansões Secretas da Rosacruz (The Secret Houses of the Rosicrucians), 2nd Ed. Renes, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
  • Bernard, Raymond (1968) The Secret Houses of the Rosi-Croix, online edition, HUMANISM & TRANSCENDENCE.
  • Goldman, Jonathan (2014) Sound and the Chakras (online article).
  • Holcomb, Glen (2000) The Most Important Exercise. Source: [saturnsgate@HOTMAIL.COM] Sunday, R+C-FS-FORUM@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM. (First and second versions of the message combined).
  • Litterary Work of Raymond Bernard.
  • OSM (2009) Ordo Stella Matutina - Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma'at
  • Stavish, Mark (1997) The Body of Light in Western Esoteric Tradition. Online essay:
  • Stone, Dr. Joshua David (2014) 40 Weeks Light Activation Course. Online course sponsored by Summit University.

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  1. I would like to share wit my Blogger readers some comments made about this pos on Google+:

  2. Reposting of behalf of Google+ from my Circles: 10/01/2015:

    Bon Firehead - What an outstanding and insightful blog. Regarding with your problem with searchable Monographs, the Microsoft application One Note will allow insertion of pdf files easily by simply dragging the pdf file into One Note and choosing the "insert printout" option your PDFs will be inserted page by page. One Note search function is of of the most powerful on the market and will provide a list of results related to the search item and it is even capable of find text which is embedded an image. I use One Note as my magical diary and have found it very convenient. Whether the reading format is aesthetically pleasing as GoodReader on a tablet I can't say. Hope this helps.

    1. Bon, thanks for your suggestion to use One Note. I'll try for certain. However, I am really interested in a application solution for my iPAD as today I used it 80% more than my PC. I already sent a suggestion to the GoodReader developers about a global search into PDFS function. Let's hope they came up with it in the next upgrade...

  3. Reposting of behalf of Google+ from my Circles: 10/01/2015:

    Stephen Jackson - This is a wonderful, insightful and most illuminating writing. I considered going to the AMORC route a few years back as a number of my Brother Masons have, and I was impressed by the people more than what I was told... though the Rose Traditions was passed within my own family, as is the case with some families, and so my path has been a bit different... But our destinations all merge. And I see wonderful familiar things here. I know the foundation stones when I see them :)

    1. Thanks Stephen for your wonderful comments. Do you mind to comment about the differences between our Rosicrucian paths? I am very interested to see other approaches.

  4. I would like to know if any of you have heard about the Circle level of meetings related to AMORC temples. I am asking that because after reviewing some of my old email forums I found this one reproduced below:


    From: [ E. DE]
    Sent: Sunday, 19 December 1999 12:45
    Subject: [R+C-FS-FORUM] sidbits

    Hi Helga and forum,
    More sidbits:

    I am still in touch with some AMORC members here. Most of the few founding members of AMORC here in Germany that I have met over the years have passed through transition. We still have a few of some of the "Old Guard" members here, and from my latest call AMORC is doing fine here in Germany.
    They just removed the problem. Me:)

    The German Jurisdiction was officially established "per Manifest" on the 6th of December 1949, and the translation of the 10° Degree into German was still not completed until later 'after' 1963 (according to a letter that I have from that time).

    I think that 'most' of the AMORC members were 'Home Sanctum' by choice anyway, or they were not near a group. (Correct me if I'm wrong -anyone- as I do not have the 'world membership' statistics regarding group work activity.)

    Here there was a relatively low % of group 'type' of member working in the Pronoas/Chapter/Lodge groups even though we had more than 52 extension work groups doing public work. I never regarded the "Neophytes" as being "banished" to a Pronaos only, and never saw anything wrong with the rule.

    Personally, I think that the GM here in Germany was just trying to copy an older pre-AMORC structure which later became a mixture of different ideas from different people.

    At AMORC Conventions here, all Neophytes were allowed to attend Convocation and entered after the 3 stages had been completed. (i.e. when the Master was in the East etc.)

    The 'Old System' as it has been passed on to me:

    Pronaos: Neophyte
    Chapter: 1° - 6°
    Lodge: 7°- 9°
    Circle: 9°+

    I was a member of the Circle in our Lodge for 5 years and know from others that it was only a 'copy' of the 'Old System'. The 'old system' was very strict and if one was fortunate enough to 'qualify' for what I think the 'Mason' knows as The Secret Places of the Lion' then the Candidate would be in for a very tough Initiation.

    Probably today some of the 'moderns' would probably dial 119 and contact their Lawyer.
    The 'Old System' rule was that 'they' contacted you. You did not contact them.

    Any comments of the “Circles” would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Mr Mills, it seems that your talk about the Golden Dawn has caught my eye. Would you say in your opinion that it is more advance than AMORC? If so which branch would be best for membership? Also I am interested in teachings on levitation and levitation by way of certain breathing techniques, would you happen to know which direction I could look to find this? Thanks

  5. Amun, seems that the founder of AMORC, Harvey Spencer Lewis thought that the Golden Dawn Order was a step further on the Rosicrucian studies and advancements, however, now I wouldn't share his opinion. According to my findings, after affiliating myself to two branches of the G.D. I came to a conclusion that they are following different paths and have different approach to magic. That's all. BTW:) There is another post in this blog that address this subject in detail. Look at the Posts Index page on the Table of Contents or search in this blog by 'Golden Dawn'.

    Regarding to your interests in developing psychic powers like levitation and breathing techniques, I would recommend the powerful techniques of Transcendental Meditation (T.M.). They really address what you are looking for.

  6. Amun, via Google+ you have left a comment:
    Amun Ankh-El
    Apr 1, 2015
    "There is another practice that the rosicrucians do as one person will look
    into a mirror while there is a circle around this one person with their
    eye's closed and they are able to see all of that persons past lie times
    and how that person looked....tell me if you have heard of this.."

    Yes, there is such an exercise in the 8th Temple Degree of AMORC, but you can do it by yourself, but with opened eyes looking at the mirror with two candles beside the mirror without blinking for while. Try that and we can started to see a lot of images of yourself which are imprinted in your aura from past lives.

  7. Amun, reposting your Google+ message:
    Amun Ankh-El
    Mar 20, 2015
    "I need some help with invisibility ad well when you form the cloud, having problems, can you help."
    Carlos Mills
    Mar 20, 2015
    Hi Amun, to create the Cosmic Cloud is not an easy task. Requires lots of time of intense concentration, therefor a very well trained mind. Just follow the steps given by the lessons and be persistent until you can cross the threshold between visualization and actual creation. Apart from that I am not allowed to discuss such matters in chat environment. Are you studying AMORC lessons or that exercise is part of the HGRC?

    For that I would recommend a book (available for download as PDF) entitled "Invisibility" by Steve Richards, which is entirely based on the 9th Temple Degree exercises related to the subject.

  8. As I have received very interesting comments related to this post, I decided to parse the message and my replay here:

    Original Post source: Harvey Spencer Lewis: A Mystic, A Magician or Just a Psychic Researcher?

    May 20, 2015 at 5:04 PM

    Dear frater,

    Greetings in three points of the sacred triangle!

    In my opinion, AMORC can be still a good path to Western people. I also had contact with some Eastern paths like Suddhadharma and Kriya Yoga and they have some points that are not helpful to west side of the world.

    I have found your comments very interesting about AMORC only provides higher chakras awakening. My impressions would be almost entirely opposite to this. In fact, Kriya Yoga could also lead the practitioner to only increase higher chakras functioning.

    After some years doing regular Kriya practice, in a daily basis, I was almost unable to walk without a annoying sensation of feet off the ground. This is very annoying to us Western people. Then, I've figured out that SRF technique wasn't the genuine Kriya technique.

    Looks like Yogananda needed to change part of technique to make it easy to Western followers so that they could do it properly. There was a history told by indian monks that kept stay in Karar Ashram, by Satyananda guidance, about about Western people couldn't take deep breath at that time. They breathed really bad. Original Kriya breathing is done by nose, not by mouth, and there is a huge difference doing it the right way. I've only noticed it when I moved from SRF to Paramahansa Hariharananda group. It was one of the best things I ever did.

    Hariharananda (Kriya Org) was the last indian yogue that reached samadhi. He was also initiated by Yukteswar. Of course, none of SRF monks had reached it by breathing by mouth.

    Then, after I began to work with supposed correct Kriya technique, I felt stronger and firmly based on the ground. I talked to a indian monk about "feet off the ground" experience and he told me to do more and more mahamudra to balance the things. It could be required sometimes.

    AMORC exercise about breathing and concentrating in body parts has the same effect. So, looks like AMORC is providing a similar practice that leads to the same point. I had the same effect of "feet off the ground" after practicing this one in late 80's. AMORC also has its own meditation technique included in one of the first four degrees. It is exactly as Kriya meditation's style (with no thoughts).

    Some conclusions in the way they were registered in my writings are regarding to some problems with SRF and Suddhadharma techniques. I felt them really boring after some time with a strange feeling of vulnerability and "feet off the ground" annoying sensation. On the other hand, my personal experience of 30 years of AMORC and TOM membership and almost 10 years as Kriya Org follower are towards to consider AMORC, TOM and Kriya Org paths the ones that make me feel stronger, happy and financially stable. The material side of things, I suppose, is connected to rosicrucian mental creation technique.

    I don't know if those feelings mean something special in mystical path although they make easier living in this world of dualities.


    Incognito Server ::

    1. Carlos Mills
      May 24, 2015 at 6:35 PM

      Dear Frater “Anonimous”, I would prefer to refer to real person’s name, but anyway I appreciate your comments and I would like to review some of them.

      First of all, I agree that AMORC is still a viable path into the Mysteries for the Westerns. However, I think it works more like a ground work preparation. The only serious restriction that AMORC has to fulfil their appropriate niche in the occult teachings is the time required to reach some working level on the Degrees; is too much time required for just a ground work preparation.

      Regarding SRF Kriya Yoga leading the practitioner to increase their higher chakras functioning, I disagree with your argument. I disagree based on my own practice (which doesn’t show the same effects) and based on the teachings from the lessons themselves. If you have received all the Kriya lessons , until Kriya 4, you are able to verify that all the lesson teaches methods of attune/awaken ALL CHAKRAS, from the base chakra (muladhara) until the Ajna chakra (third eye centre), with the exception of the Crown chakra. That’s why I also agree that the SRF teachings are not complete and I am really motivated by your comments to check on Hariharanda Kriya Yoga Institute to review my techniques, since we share the same lineage.

      Also I would like to comment on your observation that you become bored with the SRF practice and felt like having a “feet off the ground”. I think you got bored because your practice is not centred in deep concentration in the spinal tube during the Kriya practice, which if done properly will lead to the experience of the Inner Silence, a must for any real advancement into the Path. If you do not work out your concentration skills, will not mater which technique you are using, the boredom will come again. Only practicing with high concentration on the NOW you will be rewarded by inner realization.

      Another important aspect is that SRF gurus teach the students, during the Kriya Yoga initiation, that they may use the breath to help filling the Cool and Warm sensation flowing through the spinal tube. However, after the sensation is established, the student must leave the breath aside the turn into the Silent Kriya meditation feeling the flows of Prana energy only. This is required for the advanced levels of Kriya.

  9. I would like to suggest as a further studies into the Rosicrucian Metaphysics, my ebook, which is my extended research intot the subject:

  10. Hi Carlos,
    Great article!
    In regards to music notes and the Chakras, in actuality, Goldman's system is that of Steven Halpurn, who got it from Anodea Judith in "Wheels of Light" who got it from C.W. Leadbeater in "The Chakras" (1910.) By 'it,' I refer to the C major for Chakras system. Leadbeater said the 7 Chakras correspond to the 7 colors of the Solar Spectrum, and to the the notes of the musical scale. Being a keyboard player, Halpurn assumed this meant the "Do-Re'Mi" C major scale.
    This system differs fro the Rosicrucian (and other esoteric) systems for two reasons. The first is that modern musicians like Halpurn and Goldman use the A440Hz Standard Pitch Equal Temperament, where the Rosicrucian and Anthroposophical system is C256Hz Scientific Pitch, Just Temperament. Many - Halpurn included - are switching to A432, close enough, but still not correct because -
    Second, we use the Law of Octaves, and C is not an octave of red. In C256 or A432, or better yet Maria Renold's Scale of 12 Fifths, C is green, the center, the Heart. The piano is linear - energy is not.
    H. Spencer Lewis designed and built the Luxatone, a the only color-organ ever to correctly use the Law of Octaves. I use this scientific tuning system for my Sound & Vibration, Color & Light Chakra Attunements, and can attest, as all my clients do, to it's accuracy over the misconception of the C major scale and the modern standard pitch.
    We use G# (red) for the Root, A (orange) for the Sacral, Bb (yellow) for the Solar Plexus, C (green) Heart, D# (blue) Throat, E (indigo) Brow, F (violet) Crown.
    For further correlations of the color-notes to the glands and other energy centers, see:

    1. Thanks Frater Dameon,
      I appreciate your clear explanation of the color system applicable to our Rosicrucian studies. I'll update this post adding your information.

  11. I would like to repost the kind message from LYMPES OBEN with his authorization.

    On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Google+ (LYMPES OBEN) wrote:

    Good Morning Frater Carlos!

    I really appreciate your courage and Love for this Generation.
    We are left with very few people like you still alive who studied the Ancient Monographs.
    Some of those people may be exist but for some reason,not willing to share like you did.
    I am sure the Ascended Masters wish the world to know and get more closer to their Divine Origin.The the State of the Primordial Man.
    I have finished the 11th.T. degree;but I cannot tell you that I am able to...

    [This notification was sent to]

    1. Care Frater Oben

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. You are not the only one who achieved that stage in the AMORC studies and got frustrated by the results. Welcome to the club!

      The possible true is that our first Imperator, HSL, told us in the Rosicrucian Manual, while describing briefly about the Temple Degrees, that he was not allowed to give full disclosure of the Rosicrucian teachings even to the members of the high degrees! So what we have got are hints, clues to the Great Work. I am not sure the nature of such restriction imposed by his initiators (the French Rosicrucians) as advanced Rosicrucian teachings incorporate knowledge of Kabbalah, esoteric Astrology and Theurgy, which are pretty much delivered by other Rosicrucian schools nowadays. Even the teachings of the Ascended Masters go deeper in such matters.

      Anyway, from my eBook you may find the background that you need to get the whole picture. Unfortunately my books are not available in hard copy only in electronic format.

      My experience while doing some service in AMORC local temples (Lodges) I noticed the same thing. People are afraid to comment on or disagree with the Order's teachings directives. That's happening as a result of the constant reinforced orientation in the Master Monographs to not have open discussions on the teachings' contents, leaving the students questions for the regular Degree Forums, officially conducted by the Lodges. However, the problem is that such Forums are not open to discussion for members as they are formatted to provide "official" answers to the students. Also the contents of those "Forums" are heavily filtered in advance of its presentation not giving a room to "open" discussions on matter of teachings.

      Another fear is that bringing doubts or controversial topics may restrict or affect our affiliation to the organization. Which imply in another treat: AMORC keeps saying that losing the ties with the Order will cut your contact with the Invisible Masters...

      Adding to that we can see another form of coercion on the students, which is related to the way the MM are delivered to the students. We do not now what lies ahead, so our expectations are always high but now always fulfilled. Any way, we keep on going expecting the next MM will reveal what is missing now... And so on for a lifetime. That kind of thing drive those who become aware of the strategy to keep students guessing and become open to new venues of learning, as I did. But I was only able to get it when I was able to compare the AMORC system of study with other RC systems as I did and explained in my latest eBook.

      I would like to encourage you to get my electronic book. I converted my entire library (more than 4000 books) to PDF so can I can have instant access to any document using my iPad. With that format you be able to highlight, bookmark, etc the text and full search its contents. Try that way and I am sure you'll enjoy it!

      Carlos Mills FRC:.:.

      BTW: Care Frater, do you mind if I share your wonderful comments in my blog dedicated to discuss those matters?

      eBook link:

  12. Repost:
    [Post] Frater Chad Bodkin > Medifocus for Rosicrucians [Facebook 22/10/2015]
    Is there a hidden layer of teaching in the AMORC master monograghs? This guy certainly thinks so. .. And I have to say his consensus is quite compelling...
    I agree. I'm very glad to have found his blogs. I've been studying them for some time and actually practicing some of the techniques. I even cross referenced the monograghs he sites with the ones I have here. And he is really on point.

    1. Thank you guys for you kind comments. My work aim to assist the sincere seeker like Frater Chad Bodkin. He actually got it right! That is exactly what I was expecting when I decided to create the Aureum Diculum blog. My aim is also rise awareness to the Potential in the Rosicrucian teachings, to provide a online environment for debates and to promote development of ideas and experiments. Well done! For further information refer to my eBooks available from Scribd.

  13. Mr. Mills,

    This post was brought to my attention. In it you claim to have been a member of the Ordo Stella Matutina, that they are closed down, and that their site does not function.

    These assertions are incorrect. As a member of the OSM, I can firmly state that you were never a member of that body. You did work briefly with the Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma'at, which was an outreach and service provided by the Ordo Stella Matutina for those people whom were working through the book "Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition". This online service for Self-Initiates is indeed closed down. The Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma'at was a "school" designed to aid those working solo trying to understand the Golden Dawn through the lens of Self-Initiation.

    Members of the site Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma'at were never members of the OSM, which is a traditional physical Order which requires physical initiations through the Order's temples.

    Hopefully, this will help out in clarifying information.

    In LVX Fraternitas,
    Samuel Scarborough
    a Senior Adept with the OSM

    1. Care VH Frater Samuel,
      Sorry for the misunderstanding. You are totally right as I was member of the Hermetic Santuary of Ma'at, an online teaching program sponsored by the OSM. However, I believe that what I learned was the same core teachings thought by the OSM, isn't?

    2. Mr. Mills,

      No. What was taught on the Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma'at was primarily from the book "Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition" by the Ciceros. The Ordo Stella Matutina does not reveal its teachings nor techniques to non-Initiates.

      The teachings of the OSM are, and have always been, traditional Golden Dawn as filtered through the Stella Matutina.

      The material given and explained in the Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma'at is what was, at the time, publicly available, in print within several Golden Dawn tradition books including Regardie's "The Golden Dawn" and the Ciceros' "Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition".

      Hopefully, this will clarify some things.

      In LVX,

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  16. A Frater from Poland wrote to me saying: “I have a very serious question - if you could change something (related with the way AMORC drive its studies) what would you do?”

    That’s a very serious question indeed. I have been thinking about since a read your message. Actually, I have been questioning myself about that from a long time. I started my studies in AMORC since I was 16 with the authorization of my mother in 1969 in Brazil. That study was a revelation to me since I never had formally engaged in a esoteric school before. AMORC opened up to me an entre new way of dealing with my reality and the world around me.

    After 5 years of meticulous study and practices I reach the Higher Degrees. From that point on, and after some revealing experiences, I noticed that something was missing in my studies. Those studies started look me me more like a puzzle than a spiritual path.

    Based on the background I developed with my studies I realized that concentration and visualization were only the first steps and what AMORC called “meditation” was something else, and only given by Eastern schools of Yoga. Learning those techniques expanded and confirmed my realization regarding the AMORC aiming of achievement. Confirmed that I need to seek higher studies elsewhere.

    Another confirmation for that occurred in the 11th Degree, as I posted in my blog, when I found a passage in the monograph, written by the first Imperator Spencer Lewis and currently removed from the new editions revised, saying that AMORC was limited by his initiators to not reveal too much to their students, but advanced studies could only be found in the Order of the Golden Dawn!

    That’s was a real surprise to me since I never heard, at that occasion, any reference to such esoteric school. But that also helps me to estimulante and widen my search for further studies in the Rosicrucian Tradition.

    Back to your question, in the meantime of those discoveries, I decided to do something about and decided to get involved with the AMORC organization.

    Alchemy Study Group - My first attempt was running a study group an under the local Lodge umbrella using the Alchemy Kit provided by the Supreme Grand Lodge of USA as the basis for our activities. The results were fantastic! We (a group of 3 members) managed to attract the attention for new ways to study, but the Grand Lodge decided to terminate the activities after 2 months. No reasons given.

    9th Degree Reviews - As part of the Degrees review forums, I decided to run a review for the 9th Degree. I was really surprised by the degree of unpreparedness I found from the members participating. There were lots of interest - until that time we never had a Degree review for that level - but people was totally unprepared to discuss their experiences (which AMORC totally discourage members do) as well as to understand the context of the Degree and its basic requirements. So was a frustrating attempt to rise some further interest in the mater.

    10th to 12th Degrees - Those areas are taboo and nobody want to talk about regarding to the treats of been banned from the Order if doing otherwise.

    So I gave up into the organization and decided to create my Blog, a free forum of debate and exchange. I’ve got some interesting comments but not at the level I expected. So I am really out of options to motivate those people to became real Adepti.

    Then came the idea of creating an eBook series, which may reach a wider audience. That is look more promising...

    Open for discussion. Peace Profound (in its real sence)

  17. Re: Inner Self

    Very interesting! And a very good question Frater. According to my studies and experience, there are several interpretations for our “Inner Genius” or “Higher Self”.
    - AMORC - It approaches the subject suggesting that our “Psychic Self” or “Individualised Soul” is our Astral Body. Refer to the 8th Degree lessons for details.
    - HOGD - Approaches the subject calling it “Higher Genius” or “Guardian Angel”. That approach suggest that that is a separate entity that we must contact during our life to receive guidance after achieving the “Contact and Conversation” with our “Holy Guardian Angel”.
    - Contemporary Esoteric schools - Developed the concept of Higher Self in the line of Theosophical teachings meaning a Higher Energy Body (monad) where the essence of our experience in each encarnation is stored and used for someone who will be able to expand their consciousness into that level. You may noticed that our first Imperator, HSL, mentioned such experience in his book “Living Thousand Lives”.

    Note: I actually never found any correspondence between the Archangels, planets and the Inner Self.

    P.P. In L.V.X,

    On Sat, May 12, 2018 at 7:16 AM RaphaelRose wrote:
    Hello dear frater Carlos,

    I read your blog and it is very interesting.
    I want to ask you a question:
    In some traditions (TMO, for example, but also Gnosticism) it is said
    that our Inner Self, our Master Within is a "septenary spirit", one of
    the spirits ruling the 7 planets.
    The ruler of the planets are the biblical archangels, like Raphael,
    Mikael and so on.
    What do you think about this?
    A.M.O.R.C. never states, as far as I know, what/who actually is the
    Master Within. I'm studying the 9th grade at the moment.

    In L.V.X,

    fr Raphael.

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