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AMORC & Magic - The Black Mirrors Experiment



This incredible article was posted by Michael Nowicki on his website entitled The Rosicrucian Salon in 2001. As the site is non longer active and these contents are very important to us to understand the original context of development of the AMORC we decided to re-post it here, hoping with Michael's blessing.

Summary of Topics


The best way to describe the black mirror is to compare it to the regular reflective sanctum mirror. If the regular mirror is like a general purpose radio receiver with a somewhat unidirectional whip antenna then the black mirror is like a military spy radio that can home in on one frequency and cancel out all side-channel crosstalk with a highly directional antenna.

In other words it's useful for meditating on one very specific idea, concept or symbol and amplifying and magnifying in on it to an exceptional degree. It does have a downside however. It requires the use of tight focused concentration but if you should use it and just go into a general unfocused meditative state you'll get some bizarre and even unpleasant results. Remember that scene from Star Wars during Luke's Jedi training where Yoda sends him into a dark cave. Luke asks Yoda what's in the cave and Yoda replies "Only that which you bring with you".

Before the 70's

One of the least known stories about H Spencer Lewis was his use of black mirrors for mystical work. His personal sanctum incorporated one. See photos below.

What Are Those Mirrors?

Back in the old days of AMORC when H. Spencer Lewis was Imperator he designed and had made about two dozen special mirrors for experimental use by members of the higher degrees. He wrote up special experiments and exercises for them to try and report back to him PERSONALLY the results.

My Notes: Actually, reviewing my 12T Master Monographs I found a paragraph exactly related to this testimony confirming that Black Mirrors are recommended as a tool to improve clairvoyance skills.
Quoting the MM#069: "Several attempts were made to find a replacement for crystalline water [in clairvoyance experiments]. Tests were made with spinning mirrors, crystal balls, polished gems, blazing coals and several other objects that reflect light. However, the perfect substitutes tested with success were found are the candle flame and the black mirror. The black mirror, very popular on several parts of the East is something very rare and costy. It is usually made from a piece of transparent glass, measuring approximately 12,5 x 17,5 cm, and a bit concave, with the bottom instead of silver plated covered with chemical substance black in colour, and ver sensitive. Those mirrors are framed with gold engraved with gems keepped in a leather box.AMORC-D12T#069-p01 (PT).

The Results

Before long these members were reporting back wide-eyed tales of incredible sanctum experiences that if summed up could best be described as "intensely Cabalistic". When the experiment cycle was over HSL requested rather insistently that all mirrors be returned to him right away. Most were returned but I suspect there may be a few out there other than the one I have.

The A.MO.R.C. Members Account

Back in the 1970's I interviewed 4 old members of AMORC and according to the consensus HSL was looking for a specialized mirror design for official RC sanctum use and it's only purpose was for metaphysical work, unlike the regular dresser mirrors that were commonly recommended for use in sanctums. These mirrors were however, very expensive to produce and beyond the reach of what most people could afford.

How Those Black Mirrors are Made?

These experiments with the colored mirrors and their use of color in meditation coincided with HSL's own research on the subject that later became a part of the 12th Degree. These mirrors were made of thick glass and measure 18" by 12". One side is treated with a flat coating of a very dark purple-black dye. I've had it analyzed by scientists at U of Chicago and Stanford U here in California and the results are that it's a type of coal tar dye commonly used in those days for a lot of industrial application but also metaphysical optical instruments by occult experimenters. Plus there were trace amount of silver and other substances. 

The color is unlike anything I've seen. Very very dark purple, or black with a tiny touch of purple. Similar to the color you get if you sandwich several Kodak Wratten #36 color photography filters together and hold them to the light. Close but not exact. Color does produce an effect as we all know. These mirrors were really keyed into some color harmonic that was especially conducive to initiating mystical experiences in those who were already familiar with the practical use of regular mirrors in their sanctum.

Take a look around where Rosicrucians gather and ask your senior citizen AMORC friends. Maybe there's one of these black mirrors laying about and no one knows what it is. My description should help to identify it.

How Did I Get One?

When I was working at RC Park in 1974 they were cleaning out an old storeroom to make way for a new set of offices. Among the "junk" was a wooden crate with a dozen black mirrors! When I saw them I knew exactly what they were and confirmed it with my boss there who was himself an old-timer and knew HSL and RML quite well. In fact it was he who first told me the story of these mirrors and even he didn't know any still existed. For the princely sum of a $2 contribution to AMORC I was allowed to take one home along with a receipt for "1 pane of colored glass". Later I went back to try to buy the rest but they had already been taken to the garbage dump!

If you want to read more on this fascinating subject or even build a black mirror yourself I want to refer you to a book on the subject called "How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror" by Donald Tyson. It costs only $9 and can be ordered from Amazon and most metaphysical bookstores can order you a copy.

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  • 19/01/2015 - Added ref. to Black Mirror specs - AMORC-D12T-MM#069-p01 (PT).

I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

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  1. Please Advise me on how to use the black mirror,as I have one at my possession.

  2. Frater Oben, I would recommend reading an excellent getting started tutorial on Black Mirrors entitled "Magic Mirror" by John Nelson.

  3. Carlos Mills is it at all possible to see a picture of the mirror you have in a color format? also is the glass itself clear or is the glass mixed with the coal tar dye from the 1930's?

    1. Mr Halliday, thank you for your comments, however the information I've got is that provided in the article, nothing else. The author of the artcle didn't provide more detailed information about the materials used for the mirrors. Only AMORC knows such details. You may contact them for that. However, I doubt they will acknowledge such thing.

  4. Another question I have for you is how to obtain a copy of
    AMORC & Magic - The Black Mirrors Experiment. the only source of this that I can find leads me to this sight.

  5. Mr Halliday, as I had mentioned in this article's Disclaimer, the contents of that article was posted by Michael Nowicki on his website entitled "The Rosicrucian Salon" in 2001. As the site is non longer active. I was lucky to record it at that time. That's why you can not find it anymore.

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