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G.D. Rituals: The Ritual of the Pentagram

LBPR UPDATED! - After about a year after this post was published and after my recent Kabbalistic analysis of the AKR (Analysis of the Keyword Ritual) I decided to apply the same method to this ritual adding an in depth view of its symbolism and occult meaning. I was basically motivated by the insights I have got with the AKR boosting my practices. 

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Summary of Topics


The Pentagram - What can we say about its origin? First of all we have it as standard universal geometry found in minerals, plants and other organic beings. Not simply the symbol of man but of the physical or material Creation. I do not know if you already heard about Psychotronics (is a term coined in 1967 by Zdeněk Rejdák for the study of parapsychology), which studies the way psychic energy is stored in mental or physical forms. 

The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi informs us that the tip of forms like the Pentagram has the power to destroy negative Astral forms. Also the teaching of G.D. tells us that when we use the projection sign on a symbol or talisman we are energizing it; particularly when we add a Word of power, like a divine Name. But what really happens to the sacred geometry of the Pentagram when we energize it in that way? And what is the connection between the energized pentagrams in each quadrant (related to each elemental Kingdom) and the circle traced to link them? Why people keep saying that the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram has a purifier effect in the practitioner’s aura or sphere of sensation?

Donal Tyson in his book "Enochian Magic for Beginners" give us an interesting account on how the Pentagram was linked with the Elemental forces:

“The Model of the Pentagram - The primary model used by Mathers (…) was the relationship between the four Elements and the four lower points of the Pentagram. Which is used in Golden Dawn magic to invoke and banish elemental forces. The assignment of the elements to the pentagram, in turn, was conditioned by the elemental associations of the four fixed signs of the Zodiac. These zodiac associations are very ancient, and served as the basis for the Golden Dawn understanding of the elements. If the lower points of the pentagram are imagined to form a square, this may be laid over the wheel of the zodiac to achieve the following Golden Dawn arrangement." 

(Tyson, 2005 p.288)

What Is the Pentagram?

The Pentagram is a powerful symbol representing the operation of the Eternal Spirit and the Four Elements under the divine Presidency of the letters of the Name Yeheshuah. The elements themselves in the symbol of the Cross are governed by YHVH. But the letter Shin, representing the Ruach Elohim, the Divine Spirit, being added thereto, the Name becometh Yeheshuah or Yehovashah - the latter when the letter Shin is placed between ruling Earth and the other three letters of Tetragrammaton. 

The Hierophant speaks: "From each re-entering angle of the Pentagram, therefore, issueth a ray, representing a radiation from the Divine. Therefore is it called the Flaming Pentagram, or Star of the Great Light, in affirmation of the forces of Divine Light to be found therein."

Quoting from the G.D. lesson published on the internet:

"The complete symbol of the pentagram is given to the Z.A.M. as a tool and symbol for traveling and skrying in the Spirit Vision.  This complete symbol should be constructed by the Z.A.M. and each portion of it studied and committed to a deep understanding.  The instruction on the complete pentagram diagram remains unpublished and available only to our Order.  

First, you will observe that the portion (the top point) is attributed to the Scepter of Hermes, the rays of  (Spirit).This is the point of Quintessence, the alchemical.  The color is of purity and is therefore colored white.  The sephiroth attributed unto its two angles are  and .  

The two side points or arms of the pentagram are attributed unto  (Air) on the upper right side and  (Earth) on the lower right side. 

The left arm attributed to the element of  is represented by the sword, and Man.  The Kerubic emblem of  (Water) is also attributed to the left arm.  This arm is colored yellow.  The top horizontal line which partly forms the arm is attributed to .   is of the center pillar of which all the above sephiroth are of the sephirotic element of . In addition, the top portion of  is attributed to .  This is represented by the top portion being of a citrine color.  This alludes to a deep and profound mystery.  The mystery is that the Macroprosopus is represented by  and is contained, yet hidden, within the symbol of the Microprosopus.  The symbol of the Microprosopus is the pentagram, while the symbol of the Microprosopus is the hexagram.  The pentagram is a most potent symbol and is the Signet Star of the Microprosopus. It represents the operation of the eternal and Divine Spirit and the four elements under the Divine presidency of the name.  To understand this profound mystery is of the greatest importance to the Adept.  

The right arm of the pentagram is attributed to the element of  (Fire).  It is represented by the  Kerubic,  (Leo), and the cup.  The color of this point of the pentagram is red.  The horizontal line forming the top portion of this point is attributed to the sephiroth of .  This is because is the sephira from which the clear eternal waters spring forth.  The bottom two lines forming the  point of the pentagram and the  point of the pentagram are:    and  .

Observe closely that  is conjoined unto  and  is conjoined unto . Also  to  and  and .

The top left point of the pentagram is attributed unto the element of .  This point of the pentagram is attributed to the Kerubic emblem  final and the pantacle.  The color of this point in the pentagram is to be colored russet.  The two angled lines forming this point in the pentagram are attributed unto the Sephiroth of  and  .
The bottom right foot or point of the pentagram is attributed unto the element of .  This point of the pentagram is attributed to the Kerubic emblem of  `, and to the wand.  Thecolor of this point is a bright scarlet.  The two lines drawn at an angle to formulate this point are attributed to the sephiroth of  and .  It is here that the  and  dependency is revealed.  

The pentagram under the presidency of the name  is formulated in two ways in the hexagonal center.  These letters should be painted in the white color of on the black background on which the entire pentagram symbol is painted.

The top portion of the pentagram is symbolized by the Sceptre of Hermes, the letter , and the rays which issue forth from the five corner angles of the pentagram.  The Scepter of Zeus, or Jupiter, is emblematic of the left side, while the Sceptre of Neptune and Poseidon is emblematic of the right side of the pentagram.  

Beyond the bottom two feet of the pentagram are the Sceptre of Pluto, Dis, Orphaus Hades in the  angle, and the Sceptre of Demeter or Ceres in the  angle.  

The letters of the Pentagrammaton are drawn in their appropriate colors over the white rays which issue forth from the five corner angles.  Study the diagram well and let the Z.A.M. construct his own full color diagram on a black background.  This way, each corridor of the pentagram may be explored by methods of traveling and skrying in the Spirit Vision. " (G.D. RR et AC)

As we see, there are several elements to consider:

The Protective Circle

The circle traced from the center of each Pentagram seems to load, in its trace, the energy projected activated in each one so that the energy will rolling up until the closing up at the center of the first Pentagram, or starting point. That’s another point that makes a lot of sense with the whole ritual system.

The Projection into the Pentagrams 

As instructed by the G.D., we should trace each pentagram in the air using the finger or an air dagger. The practitioner should visualize tracing the form in flaming blue light. Actually that is the first phase of energizing the Pentagrams using the practitioner’s intention to manifest them in their astral forms.

Also as instructed by the G.D., we should project Earth elemental energy into the Pentagram using a Divine Name. So when performing the Projection Sign we are projecting the energy related to the elemental realm from the light ball below our feet (Ha-Haretz). These energies are obviously related to the Earth's elemental Kingdom. As the Sign of Projection is a resource given to the beginner, the Neophyte, is acceptable that the immediate source available to novice and not that of Kether, or the upper sphere. We have to bear in mind that we are projecting elemental energies into the Pentagram, which per se is a psychotronic or sacred geometrical form that has the ability to catalyze elemental energies. So the whole ritual makes a lot of sense. In my opinion, the addition of the divine Name to each quadrant serves to consecrate each of the elemental energies used with a Divine command issuing energy related to the attribute of God used (each quadrant is related to a different divine attribute).

Blocking the Reflux from the Pentagrams

 The Order of the Golden Dawn teaches us that we should make the Sign of Silence, related to the Egyptian deity Haar-Poor-Kraat, the god-form of Horus, which serves to block the flow of energies projected into the Pentagram. In the case of the Invocation we wish the to receive the reflux of the energies invoked, but when banishing we want to block those forces from coming back. The fact however, is that the signal itself is related with Horus, the god of dawn, which has no relation with the function of blocking energies flows. So it only remains the Intent of the practitioner to block such reflux.

Meaning of the LBPR

I remember a phrase that defines the ritual of the Pentagram containing the same meaning of the Rosicrucian's promise to the Neophyte: "The essential function of the rituals of the Pentagram is to assert the dominion of the magician over the chaos of the elemental realm or phenomenal world." 

As the whole system is greater than the sum of its parts, we see that in general the ritual of the Pentagram provides control over the elements, tying them to a form of sacred geometry - the Pentagram - adding the accumulative power in the circle and the energy coming from the divine Names. However, what about the purifier effect of that ritual in the practitioner's aura? How that could be, based in what we have seem so far?

Invocation of the Archangels 

According to my interpretation, the real power of this ritual, its Purifier effect is found in its second phase, one where we invoke the 4 Archangels. Therefore, the Pentagrams have only the effect to isolate and define the sacred space of the ritual. The purifying function emanates from each of the Archangels and their combination taking into account their association to each of the elemental realms (associated with each quadrant). That effect that actually does the work which is normally attributed to the Pentagrams! At this point the emphasis must be placed on perceiving the influx of the divine Light within the circle and how the angelic energies fuses or are mixed in the practitioner's aura as enveloping it in a balanced mix of elemental energy guided by the divine forces. When the ritual brings down the Light, its purified effect is intensified by the Archangels transmuting any adverse energies whatever they are from the practitioner’s sphere of sensation into the Divine Light.

The Six-Rayed Star

That’s one of the most interesting symbols in this ritual, which invokes the balanced of energies. The teachings of the G.D. recommend the star should be visualized “in the column”, which I assume, can be visualized in Tiphereth. As such it also invokes by the colours of its triangles (blue and Red) and the central Sun, the sacred chamber of the heart, which holds the 3 divine flames: Blue for divine power, Red or Pink for divine love and Gold for divine wisdom. Cultivating and expanding that thought form from the heart contribute significantly for the one’s ascension process. 

Behind the LBPR

To improve our practice while performing the LBPR we need to rise our awareness of the symbolic and magical formulas used in this ritual getting into their inner meanings. 

First of all, how can we identify words of power and magical formulas in this ritual?

Let's look at the dimensions related to ritual. It encompass the four corners of the universe, the four directions of power, each one under the egie of an Arcangel. 

The Power of the Four Corners of the Universe

The Power of the Names


YHVH - YOD-HE-VAU-HE - The Tetragramaton. The synthesis of the power of the four Elementals. 


ADNY - A-DO-NA-Y - Master, The Light of The Lord.


EH-HEH-YEH - I Am What I Am - The manifestation of the Divine Light, our Kether, above the head. 


AGL - A-GA-LA - The name of God constructed through Notaricon. The formula: Atah Gibor Le-Olam Adonai (You, O Lord, Are Might Forever)

Numerological Analysis

Power of the Names:
YHVH = 8
ADNY= 11 = 2

The Power of the Arc-Angelic Names

Archangel Gabriel

GBL- GA-BRI-EL - The Power of God - Archangel of the East, related to de Elemental Air. 

Archangel Raphael

RFL - RA-FA-EL - The Healing Power of God - Archangel of the West, related to de Elemental Water. 

Archangel Michael

MKL - MI-KA-EL - Who is like God - The Archangel of the South, related to de Elemental Fire. 

Archangel Uriel

URL - U-RI-EL - The Flame of God - Archangel of the North, related to de Elemental Earth. 

Numerological Analysis

Power of the Names:
GAVRIEL= 12 = 3

Calculating the composite numerical value of each angle/direction:
Air Direction = 8 + 3 = 11 = Illumination
Fire Direction = 2 + 2 = 4 = Devotion
Water Direction = 7 + 5 = 12 = Regeneration
Earth Direction = 8 + 5 = 13 = Transformation 

Calculating the composite numerical composite value of all directions:
Total = 11 + 4 + 3 + 4 = 22 = Ancient Wisdom
Tarot = 22 = 4 => Dalet (Door/Portal) => The Empress

Calculating the composite numerical value of each angle/element of the Pentagram in correspondency with the Tarot Major Arcanas:
Spirit = Resh = 200 => The Sun
Air = Aleph = 1 => The Fool
Fire = Shin = 300 => Judgement 
Water = Mem = 40 => The Hanged Man
Earth = Taw = 400 => The World

Calculating the total numerical value of the Pentagram:
Total = 200 + 1 + 300 + 40 + 400 = 941 = 5 = Transformation / change
Tarot = 5 => Heh (Window/Vision) => The Emperor

Calculating the total composite numerical value of the of the Directions including the Pentagrams (4x):
Total = 22 + 5 = 27 = 9 = Integration / Conclusion
Tarot = 9 => Tet (Serpent) => Strength

Total = 22 + 5(4) = 22 + 20 = 42 = 6 = Combination between above and below.
Tarot = 6 => Vau (Nail) => The Hierophant 

The Power of the Magic Circle

The magic circle is related to the number 9, the number of integration, conclusion or completeness, as it express the triplicity of triangles, which are by per si the representation of equilibrium and the mechanics of manifestation. The magic circle place the practitioner at the centre of the Cosmic protection and manifestation. 

Calculating the total composite numerical value of the of the Directions including the Pentagrams (4x) and the Circle.
Total = 9 + 9 = 18 = 9 = Integration / Conclusion
Tarot = 9 => Tet (Serpent) => Strength.
Total = 22 + 20 + 9 = 51 = 6 = Combination between above and below.
Tarot = 6 => Vau (Nail) => The Hierophant (Higher Wisdom).




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