Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Personal Dodecahedron Rosicrucian Vault

I could not help but thinking about what I have learned from my past studies on various orders and esoteric schools. One particularly stood out – my lessons of Kryia Yoga, where the Master Babaji tought that we came to this life with the exact amount of Cosmic Life Force to survive, and that’s it. Extra work requires extra energy, which can only be obtained by learning how to manipulate and store the Life Force. 
I think that is the reason why an average individual does not get magical results. They simply do not have enough energy to accomplish anything else but survival. However, seems that certain individuals, even thought lacking magical training are able to accomplish amazing feats.

A normal individual will need, since they started their practices, first to replenish the energy lost by misused as a result of a lifestyle. Then, and only then, the real work begins. To raise our levels of consciousness requires huge amounts of energy that need to be accumulated in our multi-dimensional bodies.

So I came to a conclusion that, parallel to our ritual magic pratice, we also need to execute some specific exercises to store extra energy for our magical practices.

From my pratice I realized that we can just do that using some advanced yoga pranayamas as well as some directly inspired pathworks. For instance, I would like to mention that Israel Regardied though the same when he introduced the 4 breath exercise into the Golden Dawn,  Kryia Yoga thought by Paramahansa Yogananda  and the Merkabah meditation thought by Drunvalo Melchizedek.