Thursday, January 24, 2013

Light & Darkness?

Here we see an essential topic in its philosophical discussion. The Light and darkness. First I would like to note that what really exists is the Light, and that the darkness is the absence of Light, not something in itself, an existence. But we must go deeper in this aspect, as in the universe as we now understand there no darkness as all the space is populated by energy particles which are a form of Light. We can however say that prior to the existence or manifestation of any thing in the universe, the void was created, the space, the environment for the expansion of the universe. This void was devoid of light up to the time of creation or Big Bang.

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But if we are talking in terms of Light beings, or beings of darkness this does not apply, since there was nothing in that original void, only there was something after the creation, the Fiat, which was Light and Sound and not Light and Darkness, as we are told buy the oldest esoteric traditions. The creatures or beings attributed to the darkness surfaced with the falling of the angels, whom were led by Lucifer, or the "Lighter". Another hint that Darkness do not actually exist. Therefore, what happens was/is a change in a state of consciousness and an attempt by the persona to disconnect from the Supreme Being, reflected in a state of illusion and disconnection we also live in.

We are not beings wandering in darkness wanting to find the Light, as taught in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn initiation of Neophyte. We are and we will always be Beings of Light, the majority of us and other beings just do not have consciousness of that yet. In our case, our consciousness has being filtered by physical perceptions and so we learn not give importance to our psychic senses that would reveal our true nature.

Another aspect that we must consider is the level of consciousness and the dimensional aspects of the manifested Universe. The Kabbalah teaches us that are 4 worlds or levels of consciousness. Our perceived duality would be totally transformed with a brief insight in high states of Kether where we perceive oneness only.

So, what actually exists is Light, the rest is pure illusion derived from states of consciousness disconnected from the source.   

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Contacting an Egregore

I decided to share with my readers as well record the following contacts to remind myself of my experiences into the Inner Planes.

Kabbalistique Egregore

At 10/11/2012, on Saturday morning, at the end of my exercises in the gym, I found a quiet corner and as usual I withdraw into my rituals and meditations. That time I had an intuition to get in touch with the Rosicrucian Egregore and I recalled a image I have downloaded from Facebook which shows a beautiful Temple portal, sided by the master columns (in black and White) with a wooden door craved with a magnificent Hexagram. I decided to use that image for my scrying practice of today.  

After using the Middle Pillar to purify and gather more L.V.X. Energy I visualized the Temple Portal, used the sign of the Enterer to open the Door. As it did, I was inside a room with an altar in the middle. Hovering above the altar was the Triangle of Lights, shining in deep Blue. As I concentrate on the Triangle point downwards, it duplicate itself into a reddish or pink Triangle turning upside down and forming a Hexagram with a shining gold sun in the centre. I felt invited to merge myself with it, and as I did I felt the energies of Power, Love and Wisdom through out my entire being. I let the energies blend into my aura for while until I felt the time to return to the physical plane. I used the sign of the Enterer to open the door and step down into the physical. The impressions of those moments are still vivid in my memory. Many times I had returned to this chamber to merge myself into the threefold energies harmonizing myself when required.