Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Initiation to Activate My Personal Mer-Ka-Ba

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17/11/2012, Saturday (Saturn Day)
Moon: Waxing Crescent
Location: Mamlsberry (Vic/Aus) – Bernice Willis’ house.
Initiation: 3rd Phase Magnified Healing Workshop


It was a two days workshop that change my vision of the Higher Planes forever.

That's was the higher initiation I have received from the Higher Planes. Actually I can say that it was surpassed everything that I have experienced before in more than 40 years of mystical & spiritual practices. The experience was deeply emotional, but with positive emotions as a result of the enourmous influx of divine love, wisdom and power.

The assistance of the invoked Masters and of the Archangels Michael & Melchizedek my consciousness reached my Higher Self, letting me take my Mer-Ka-Ba of Light and helping me to rise its vibrations until it was connected with the Cosmic Grid that envelops our planet.

Since the connection was made, the Mer-Ka-Ba vibrations were rised even further, beyond the speed of light, until it reached the level of the Cosmic Masters. From that point on I could call their assistance once again and I was envolped by their vibrations in a Golden Chamber of Light, which carried my conscienciousness under their protection to the God Most High of the Universe.

Actually during the initiation, in that part, my consciousness shutdown until I get back the Grid. Only by repeating the ritual in a daily basis, I've got full consciousness of that highest level.

After experiencing the oneness of that communion, I was helped to get back to Cosmic Grid, absorb its higher vibrations and returned my Mer-Ka-Ba to my Higher Self. From that point I continued went down to my chakras, from the highers to the lowers and them to the core of the Earth to share the raised vibrations I brought back from the Cosmic Grid.

Going up, returning to the Heart center when I felt been the living collunm of Divine Light connecting the Source to the center of the Earh.

Before I open my eyes I felt the presence of the 4 archangels, particularly Michael, which I have a strong bond, around me.


Of course, I continued to fill that sublime vibration during the entire week. And that was only the first part of the initiation!

I have toold you that to call your attention for the amagamation of elements from differents traditions, but particularly derived from the Kabbalah, which is the core of my studies.

Fraternally in L.V.X.,

Carlos Mills
Fra. T.A.S.
Melbourne VIC

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