Monday, December 12, 2011

The Golden Dawn Paradox


The incredible paradox between the founders of the GD and the teachings they delivered is the real key to the mystery.   

I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

Released eBooks by Frater T.A.S. ::FRC XIII:

Since very old times the Rosicrucian Tradition, which the GD is one of its manifestations, tells us of a secretive R+C Order which promotes and monitors all external appearances of R+C teachings. Such accounts are not referring to "ascended" Masters but to a highly advanced group of Adepti whom have surpassed and conquered most of our human limitations, going beyond the grades known. Some Rosicrucians call that group Secret Masters, Secret Chiefs, or the Grand White Brotherhood of Light. Their place of functioning are some times called the Rosicrucian Mansions. However, only those who were in contact with its members really know the truth. But rest assured they are humans like us in their path for the final ascension. They can contact us physically or psychically since they have means to do that.
One of the latest Adepts to contact the Brotherhood were:
- McGregor Matters (1896) - Receiving the Second Order materials from Fra. Lux e Tenebris in Paris. See also the Hermetic & Rosicrucian Timeline: (look down for year 1896)
- C. W. Leadbeater (1927) - Path of the Masters - He reports his personal contacts with the Brotherhood of Light's Masters, also shared by Annie Beasant and Helena Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society).
- Nicholas Roerich (1928) - Shambala Resplandescent - Contact with the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
- Raymond Bernard (1970) - AMORC Grand Master for France - He gave us an detailed account of his encounters with the Masters of the Secret Mansions of the Rose-Cross in the Temple of the Spiritum Sactum. In his accounts, he told us a great deal about what the activities of what the GD called the Secret Chiefs. Please refer to and follow his touching experience with the R+C Masters in flesh .
- David John Griffin & Jean-Pascal Ruggiu (1999 & 2011) (both advanced Adepts of the HOGD/AO) - They received Second & Third Order materials from Fra. Lux e Tenebris also in Paris. See also: and

And we have the real question: Who among those currently claiming "connection" with the Rosicrucian Tradition (which actually is the R+C Tradition) are delivering the true current of Hermetic Teachings? How do you know that the material you are reading came from the real source of the esoteric knowledge? That question is intimate related to the distinction between GD organization and Western Esoteric Tradition.

In my humble point of view, the only highly regarded teachings are those coming from the Invisible Fraternity of the Rosicrucians because they are the bearers of the Esoteric Tradition, nothing else can be trusted as an actual means of self-development.


  1. Not to forget Paul Foster Case (If you can mention AMORC, surely the contact and content of the BOTA as 'recieved wisdom' from Master T

    1. Yes Care Fra DU,
      As a BOTA student I can see the Book T (Tarot) as the encrypted version of the Ageless Wisdom or the repository of the Perennial Philosophy as it called by the Rosicrucians. PFC accounts the transmission of a new interpretation for the Book T by Master Rackozy (Aka Saint Germain). Peace Profound in LVX.

  2. Word of the Master - Winter Solstice MMIX

    “We stand among the children of God, as we have done since the Dark Times, acting as seekers, builders, and agents of change in a world that has lost Something Precious.

    We stand as Seekers - Our efforts to find that which was lost will never cease. We are all called to a higher purpose - a Journey to find the Light of the Lost Word.

    We stand as Builders - The children of God will always need shelter to protect them from the wicked - we are the Builders of Sanctuary. Men and Women separated by the rivers of Ignorance, Hatred, and Fear can never be whole - we are Builders of Bridges.

    We stand as the Agents of Change - The children of God must want and seek change if we are ever to find that which was lost. Change is an alchemical process that begins within each and everyone of us. As we transmute ourselves we share our Light with the world and that Light begets more change amongst the children of God.

    My question to you, here with me tonight, is: Are you willing to continue to stand as Knights of the Lost Word? Are you willing to seek out our Brothers and Sisters, lost among the children of God, who have forgotten their purpose? Are you willing to fight, and give and love and let your light shine before the children of God so that they might See and rejoice?

    I know it is all too easy to allow the insidious afflictions of apathy and cynicism to take hold of your spirit but we must not let our guards down. The winds of change are blowing. While war in the middle lands still wage I sense a change coming. The true People of the Prophet grow weary of war and hatred. They want freedom and love. The United People are growing weary of greed and war as well and what they want more than anything is True Freedom and Love.

    Are you willing to stand and protect True Freedom while at the same time offer the Hand of Brotherly Love? I thank those, from the bottom of my heart, who are.”

    1. Care Fra F.,
      I feel that our true guide along the Path is our HGA or Higher Self. I believe that only seeking in the deepest reassesses of our heart, in its Secret Chamber, we are able find our own true and may inspire other to do the same. In LVX and speaking from the Inner Silence.

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