Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Limits of Eastern & Western Minds

I came to a conclusion that our power is inversely proportional to our limiting beliefs.   

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Big Picture

Because I am not identifying myself anybody by organization's labels, I see all of us on the Path to find our actual nature and divinity. That's all. I have been on several paths, and all of them have been contributed to my vision of the human development toward their Higher Self. That's what matters. Each one of us is trying to get most of this life to get somewhere, to surpass the limitations we are experiencing in life. Each of us feel the Light at the end of the tunnel. We simply don't know for sure how to get there.

That is why we resource to 'esoteric schools'. In the past those who had an internal realisation were just a few and we need to have a good karma to meet them. Nowadays with the popularisation of the "esoteric" we experience an abundance of 'initiatic schools' claiming that they are able to get you there. But we need to know that is only business for survival of the tradition, which once were only an oral tradition delivered to a few.

The real initiation will happen internally, as like everything else we "experience". Some are able to see the big picture, the majority don't.