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Secret Chiefs or The Invisible Rosicrucian Adepts (Magis)

Seems that the Golden Dawn community is having a hard time to believe that the Secret Chiefs are real, or that exist a higher Order of Rosicrucian Adepts overseeing the entire R+C teachings and external manifestations of the Tradition over the Centuries. Also they seem not believing that someone, I mean someone which already have elevated themselves enough to get their attention from the Magi, can actually have met them in flesh.  

Sources or Testimonies

However, there is at least another person (apart from S.L. Matthers) who had reported just that. His name was Raymond Bernard (1890-1977), an advanced French Rosicrucian Adept with extensive works on the esoteric tradition. He was one of the leading esoteric philosophers and mystics of our time. He was formerly an international leader and Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC, and a founder of sacred initiatory and traditional school of mysticism (Rosicrucian, Martinism, Templar) for French-speaking countries. As an Elder Brother and mystic, Frater Raymond has travelled extensively all over the world, to initiate and encourage seekers from every kind of background and denomination to help them find their own personal way of expressing the divine goodness in human nature. His books have been translated in many different languages. However, most of them have now been out of print . As a result I would suggest to peruse through this site built in his memory (use the link below). The site also provide all files for download and study offline.

In his book "The Secret Mansions of the Rose-Croix", Fr. Raymond tells us of his encounters with the High Adepts and his visit to their Rosicrucian Mansions, the Houses of the Spiritum Sanctum. He mentioned his visits to the secret mansions in Amsterdam, Vienna, Lisbon, and in Madrid. He also mentioned that there are 144 mansions all around the world and that their location may vary according to the world conditions. He said that apart from promoting and monitoring the development and expansion of the Rosicrucian Tradition all over the globe, the Adepts select a few high advanced students to be part of their secretive organization to help them with the Great Work of supporting humanity towards its spiritual unfolding.

Fr. Bernard's work includes plenty of detailed description of the visited locations, his initiations and rituals performed in the houses of the Spiritum Sanctum but their exact address and other details must remain hidden from the public.

Another current example is provided by Josephyne McCarthy and account of her contacts with Inner Plane Adepts, as part of her magic manuals series entitled Magical Knowledge I to III (covering the Neophyte, Initiated and the Adept). 

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I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

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