Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reflections on the Path of Knowledge

A Frater, friend of mine, wrote: "My aim is to do my inner work to get in contact with the Cosmic Mind, doing things related to my spiritual development."

When I asked for clarification, he also explained: "What I did was to funnel (select) my sources from where I can seek knowledge instead of open myself to a wide range of sources as you do."

As my friend is a serious seeker of the Great Work, I started to consider his thoughts.

I think he got a point in saying that we need focus, as concentration is the main tool in the Rosicrucian Path of self-development. However, I think the main point is not the focus, but the contact with the Cosmic Mind, that is the real issue of his preoccupations. He thinks that through psychic exercises provided by the AMORC system of teachings the "contact" can be achieved. He also mentioned that he has a very disciplined routine of meditation and practices to achieve his goal of contact with the Cosmic Mind. During our conversation he mentioned that he is pretty happy with his results and that he considered himself enlightened somehow already.

Then I was considering to myself: We live in a reality of possibilities and opportunities and these only become concrete, real for us, when we choose among so many endless options given to us by the Cosmic Mind.

Besides, if we think a little beyond the distinction of 'inner' and 'out', and if we consider the Rosicrucian dito which said that ALL IS MIND, that is all we perceive and think is part of the Cosmic Mind, so what aspect of our life that is not related to our spiritual development? Is it possible that there is something that is not part of It?

My conclusion is that my enlightened Frater put himself apart from the Cosmic Mind when he thinks in terms of duality. What he must realized is that it all part of the show, we are never out of it. That he needs to seek not the Cosmic Mind but the Cosmic Consciousness, which is our perception of the whole, the continuum of energy and consciousness "between everything" that we perceived as individual things and beings. Those aspects that we consider 'outer' that make it difficult for us to contact the Cosmic Mind. That's why we need to overcome the Abyss between the dualistic perception and that of Cosmic Unity.

That's why we need to travel from our concept of 'out' to 'oneness' pushing the limits between the concepts of "exterior" and "interior". We can only established contact with the cosmic mind, when we become conscious of being part of it.  

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