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Fulcanelli and the Secret of Alchemy


Louis Pauwels, in his book "The Morning of the Magicians", Chapter III, 1960, quotes the alleged encounter between the co-author of this book, Jacques Bergier and Fulcanelli (the Alchemist) himself: 

(Fulcanelli said to Bergier:) "The secret of alchemy is this: there is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. This field acts on the observer and put him in a privileged position vis-a-vis the Universe. From this position, he has an access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call 'The Great Work'." 

Interesting is that I have read this book several times and I didn't notice that quote and its powerful implications. 

Sphere of Sensation, Aura or The Field

Thinking about what Fulcanelli was saying to Bergier about The Field a couple of concepts came into my mind, like the Sphere of Sensation (Golden Dawn terminology); Aura (Theosophical concept) or simply "The Field" (new physics - refer to McTaggart, Lynne 2003). Seems that he was talking about a our energy field or the field of energy that envelops and it's the core of every piece of matter in the Cosmos. On our bodies, that Field also acts as a protective shield against the various environments (physical and non-physical ones), but if it was powered by special exercises (concentration and pranayamas) it may become something else entirely. 

The Golden Dawn teachings state that the Sphere of Sensation (our energy Field) is our mirror of the Universe (in all its dimensions), and as Fulcanelli suggests, it can also act as an interface between our consciousness and the entire sea of energy which constitutes the Universe (including us).

Extensive studies were done by modern investigations into the Field. One of the most recent of those studies on the subject of bio-energy fields are:

Carlos Castaneda and the Assemblage Point

Fulcanelli's statement above also made me recall the experiences of Carlos Castaneda with his tutor, Don Juan. Don Juan was able to shift Carlos's consciousness and the physical state of his body to be able to interact with other dimensions by pressing certain points of his energetic field, or moving what he preferred to call the "Assemblage Point" (aspect not yet explored in the occult circles).

Advaced studies into the Field's Assembage Point have been done by:


Of course Fulcanelli knew that he was talking with a profane, not with an initiate in the Arts, so he greatly simplified the meaning of the Great Work. The access to higher dimensions allows the initiate to learn by direct experience with the Universe, but the real Great Work comes from the transmutation of the subject themselves, not only their perception of the Cosmos. 

However we cannot forget what Arthur Clark, famous science-fiction writer, once said that "...what is today magic it is future science....". That means that what we merely intuitively discover today by means of our inner perception enhanced by the magical methods or rituals will be the subject of scientific research in the future, or even well known techniques to enhance our lives expanding our consciousness.  


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