Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can I have "inner" experiences or "initiations" just reading AMORC Master Monographs or Golden Dawn grade study material?

Today I received an email posing a question if we can have "inner" initiations just reading monographs. Then I sent the following answer:

Are you affiliated to a mystical or magical school/order?

a) If not you know that is possible to have a mystical/magical life by your own, taking lessons from others and applying to yourself.

b) If you are a student of any order or esoteric school and you are not leaving close to a temple, you also need to work by your own.

Either way, "inner" means YOURS. Nobody can give you "inner" experiences apart from yourself. What they do (the Masters, Gurus, instructors) is to show you the common way to do it. That's all. The "doing" is up to you, to the student.

AMORC is not as advanced in terms of Western Esoterism as other Rosicrucian schools, but it has a huge infra-structure to support their students. Every small city in the world has an AMORC lodge or temple where the student can get lesson reviews, forums, support lectures, and initiations. But the essential come from the Master Monographs, which supplies the core elements for learning the theoretical aspects of the work as well as the guidelines to perform your home rituals. The lessons also provide a comprehensive set of exercises and practices to help the student to develop their own inner life and progress.

But if you look other schools (orders) they do exactly the same, even though the contents are more advanced. What they do is to hand over all the grade material to you when you are admitted to a grade and them you need to workout your curriculum by yourself.

Even the 'initiation ceremonies' do not guarantee that you will have an 'inner' initiation. That depends exclusively of your Higher Self. That's the part of your being that manage this area allowing to you what you can handle and what you need to develop yourself further. Nobody else can do it but you. Is your Path to have or not 'inner' experiences. Also depends in great deal of your exposure to such matters and if you are willing and open to receive them. That's what really matters. Not monographs or luxurious temple ceremonies. All of that is external. Is the task of your Higher Self to show you that He is the actual Self and your are a mere external and workable projection of it, which allow Him to work in the physical plane. At the highest level your lower self will be incorporated into the Higher Self and them you will live as a complete being aware of the Cosmic consciousness.

Conclusion, you can we have inner experiences with or without monographs. A lot of people either do.  


  1. It might be missleading to mention the term - advanced teachings - as the aim is to get in contact with a master - and get the teachings on this level

    I spent long time in india with masters like satyananda - their teachings on the outer level are very similar to amorc - on the inner level the master accepts only few - those who are mature enough

    And it is more about understanding and be tolerant and nice as a person - not so much about "advanced studies" or exercises ...

    Not only subjects like obe, cloud and materialisation are explained - but esp being a person of pribciples - being without harm against others ...

    Also philosophical questions are very important - to understand consciousness itself .... Very important...

    And to be able to do samyama ... In order to achieve true meditation, siddhies and samadhi...

  2. Also sorry about the delay on publishing your post (s). For a long time I was unable to access the posts waiting for my approval. Now everything is working fine.

    In Profound Peace & L.V.X.
    Fra. T.A.S.

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  4. Dear Serafis,

    From my own experience, the first threshold to reach is the Inner Silence. Only after that high levels of inner contact can be achieved. The Inner Silence can only be "heard" after you can turn the focus of your consciousness to inside