Sunday, April 17, 2011

Invisibility According to Practices of the Golden Dawn & AMORC

A lot of controversial discussions are going on in the Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn fora about the subject of Invisibility.

May be the subject is new for the GD community, but it is not for the Rosicrucians. Since the first R+C manifesto in 1622, when the "invisible brotherhood" place their placards all over Paris, the subject of invisibility is on the table.

I am also noticing that there is some kind of difference in terms of approach to the practice of the Art. Let's take an example comparison between AMORC and GD. We may noticed that the GD teachings favours Ritual practice while AMORC approach the subject from the experimental point of view. In that sense, with GD rituals the mechanics of the phenomenon are hidden, while the AMORC 'experiment' favours the process by which the phenomenon takes place. May be that's the reason why the Invisibility hasn't gained much credit among GD magicians...

Taking the Invisibility practice, what GD offers is a ritual invocation pleading the god of appearances to hide the subject. The practitioner didn't know how it happens, hopping that the invoked god will take care of the process, while with AMORC teachings the practitioner learns what forces are involved and how to control them to achieve the desired goal. That method also has an advantage of improving the practitioner concentration skills and the ability to control the cosmic energy by the power of will. The consequences of the different approaches are obvious in relation to the psychic development of the practitioner.

For details about this exercise, from the AMORC point of view, refer to the book "Steve Richards - Invisibility" (it is available from the internet). The author quote the entire sections of the AMORC's 9th Temple degree on the Invisibility exercise, called the "Cloud of Invisibility".

Reviewing the exercise, you may noticed that it starts by the practitioner creating a cloud of pure energy by sheer concentration of the mind. Then they need to tune their skills to control the created cloud turning it into a spiral of energy. That is the real starting point for further experimentations/manifestations. At that point the practitioner have an incredible experience of the birth of the Universe. Only after several manipulations of that cloud/spiral of cosmic energy the practitioner is able to use its effects.

I would like to point out that Invisibility is a subproduct of that exercise. The real deal is about the practitioner to be able to develop their power of concentration manifesting matter from energy as well as creating a Portal do Higher Dimensions.  

I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can I have "inner" experiences or "initiations" just reading AMORC Master Monographs or Golden Dawn grade study material?

Today I received an email posing a question if we can have "inner" initiations just reading monographs. Then I sent the following answer:

Are you affiliated to a mystical or magical school/order?

a) If not you know that is possible to have a mystical/magical life by your own, taking lessons from others and applying to yourself.

b) If you are a student of any order or esoteric school and you are not leaving close to a temple, you also need to work by your own.

Either way, "inner" means YOURS. Nobody can give you "inner" experiences apart from yourself. What they do (the Masters, Gurus, instructors) is to show you the common way to do it. That's all. The "doing" is up to you, to the student.

AMORC is not as advanced in terms of Western Esoterism as other Rosicrucian schools, but it has a huge infra-structure to support their students. Every small city in the world has an AMORC lodge or temple where the student can get lesson reviews, forums, support lectures, and initiations. But the essential come from the Master Monographs, which supplies the core elements for learning the theoretical aspects of the work as well as the guidelines to perform your home rituals. The lessons also provide a comprehensive set of exercises and practices to help the student to develop their own inner life and progress.

But if you look other schools (orders) they do exactly the same, even though the contents are more advanced. What they do is to hand over all the grade material to you when you are admitted to a grade and them you need to workout your curriculum by yourself.

Even the 'initiation ceremonies' do not guarantee that you will have an 'inner' initiation. That depends exclusively of your Higher Self. That's the part of your being that manage this area allowing to you what you can handle and what you need to develop yourself further. Nobody else can do it but you. Is your Path to have or not 'inner' experiences. Also depends in great deal of your exposure to such matters and if you are willing and open to receive them. That's what really matters. Not monographs or luxurious temple ceremonies. All of that is external. Is the task of your Higher Self to show you that He is the actual Self and your are a mere external and workable projection of it, which allow Him to work in the physical plane. At the highest level your lower self will be incorporated into the Higher Self and them you will live as a complete being aware of the Cosmic consciousness.

Conclusion, you can we have inner experiences with or without monographs. A lot of people either do.