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Harvey Spencer Lewis: A Mystic, A Magician, or just a PsychicResearcher?

My researches are unveiling a entire new aspect of the real work and objectives of HSL, former AMORC Imperator for all Grand Lodges and Temples around the world...

A Personal Account

I must confess that my experience with AMORC at my first years was fantastic! Everything was new in my twenties and I learned to love my Master Monographs (at that time simply called Rosicrucian Monographs). Every week I was waiting with anticipation for some new revelation about the Laws of Nature and how can I be in synch with the Cosmos, the infinite Mind, in everything!

Off course, this entire process speeds up my mind in search for the realms beyond my mundane experience and I loved it with all my soul. But after the 9 Degree Temple I felt a jolt in my comfort zone. I realized that I should rich something, some level of consciousness, but nothing permanent really happened. The Cosmic Consciousness was still a flitting experience. Most of the “exercises” given in the 9th Temple Degree were totally different from the rest of the previous study and the Order didn’t give enough information about their purpose or even their usage. Seems they want, deliberately, to hide the whole thing and show us just the tip of the iceberg leaving us without a clue of what to do with all those exercises or "experiments" as they usually call them. As a result I needed to seek answers elsewhere, in other esoteric schools. That was the first blow. It shaked my confidence in the school and put myself as an observer, less involved with the ‘climate’ of the Order and I started to analyze what was going on. But I am a persistent person, I decided to continue my journey, going deeper to see the whole picture.

Then after five years of study, finishing the 9T, I entered in some kind of new phase of studies. The volume of material supplied for the 10T, 11T and 12T degrees were overwhelming. It took me 20 years of my life to complete the “Higher Degrees”. Definitely, that was a time to evaluate was is going on! What I've got and what I have achieved? First of all, one thing I noticed from some time in this level; the content supplied in the monographs was a total waste of time and were fabricated to extend my membership ad infinitum only. All the remaining information delivered in the monographs can be easily found in any bookshop, which as I say, amount around 90% of the "Illuminati" section. There is only one other thing that I noticed that really pissed me off. The study material was unordered and fragmented. I noticed that because I have a very accurate track of my monographs and its relevant contents and I have submitted that “index” to several reviews along those years. I wanted to make sense of the puzzle scheme of my studies. But all in vain… I really got down to a conclusion that the material was collated without any esoteric, alchemical or magical framework, just for the sake of keep the student amused with so many things… and the Mystery.

Because I didn't wanted to take this personally, I cared to talk with other "High Degree" members, to share my conclusions and listen their opinions. The majority totally agree with me saying that is the reason they are totally demotivated with their studies and do not want to get involved with the organization anymore.

The bottom line was that AMORC worked just a little bit over the exercises and experiments done on the ‘Lower Degrees’ and particularly on the 9T recommending to repeat them once and while and combining them differently. Some brief reference to the Elementals like Fire and Water, reference to clairvoyance using water as a replacement for a crystal ball, etc.. But the lack of a clear guideline in this entire section called "Illuminati" was blatant. The real focus of the entire exercise was place into was called “Esoteric Hierarchy Contact”, an experiment based on HSL work of creating an Astral construct of a “Cathedral of Souls” were all members should commune to receive guidance and psychic healing. “Meetings” on the “Cathedral of Souls” are scheduled regularly with specific sessions for different purposes. Members of this section also receive special orientation to report to the Supreme Grand Loja if they “receive” messages or visions related to the organization. This is considered a special service to the Imperator. At certain point of the studies, the monographs started to talk like the “Illumination” was about to happen at any time soon to the student, until a point where they drop the subject entirely focusing in totally different things. I had a close friend of mine, a bit more advanced in monographs than I, that at the end of this process suffered a nervous breakdown, which he never recovered completely.

Looking Around in this Blog

I started this blog somewhat in hope that someone in the AMORC high echelons or the High Council (or should I say board of directors in the new business model?) would reflect on my clues and change the direction the organization is heading. I called out for hints in the timeline where HSL was elaborating his plan to develop AMORC even further. If you look at this blog index (at the right side) you will find many interesting advances from HSL to expose AMORC students to the Western Esoteric arts.

o HSL Opening the CR+C Vault in USA 1918.
o The use of the Hermetic Rosicross lamen. 
o The use of Dark Mirrors with selected members of the 12th Degree.
o Does A.M.O.R.C. Prepare the Student to Become an Adept?

What All of that Tell Us?

We found that Harvey Spencer Lewis (HSL), as a publicist and first Imperator (Supreme Grand Master of AMORC) found many ways to promote his idea of an organization dedicated to de study and development of psychic abilities, such as Telepathy, Psychometrics, Clairvoyance, Astral Projection as well some of the mind powerful abilities such as Creative Visualization, Memory Enhancements, Subconscious Programming, etc.. Off course, in those areas HSL was up-to-date with the most recent advancements rivaling Silva Mind Control™, (very popular at those times). HSL also resourced to the wonder of the mysterious East and old Rosicrucian Tradition to create a seductive image for his new organization, AMORC.

Exactly when I was meditating on that, that the entire picture came like a revelation! I was contemplating AMORC history and their study materials (the monographs), when every part of the puzzle seems to felt into place. Them I came to a realization that the HSL stories like his ‘initiation’ in a Rosicrucian temple of the continental initiates in France in some unknown chateau, the alleged CR+C vault found in the Pacific coast, the possession of old Rosicrucian manuscripts that he “translated”, alchemical transmutations and all this stuff never happened. That kind of arguments was easy to use in the beginning of the 19th Century, where people do not have access to document sources and travel was difficult. But today in the world of Internet, they cannot stand anymore. The public information level has been raised to such level that façade like that is not working anymore. But removing the smoking screen, we can see what HSL was heading to. What he really wanted was to expand his psychic researches, started years before the AMORC concept came into life. The Order was actually part of his strategy to extend his researches to a grand scale, including almost the entire world. He also wanted to adventure in the realms of the mind in a totally different approach. He wants people willing to participate, seduced by his offer, promoting better results. That formula was AMORC. A psychic experiment vested in the robes of an ancient Rosicrucian Order, with root in the wisdom of the ancient Egypt! That was really great! A Master Plan.

The Master Plan

It is obviously that there was a plan, or a plan that unfolds as it went. The first stage was to create the nucleus, done by a direct “Master”-disciple relationship, between HSL and his first students. The first ‘teachings’ were transmitted in a temple-lodge setting in a Masonic quasi style. After some build up and publicity, he decided to create a 5 year course, structured in 9 ‘degrees’. He borrows the grade terminology from the rising Golden Dawn, to use the momentum, and launched himself into it. In 9 years the first team of ‘initiates’ was ready and the organization need to feed them with something new to keep them going.

That was the rising of the second stage of the Master Plan, the creation of some kind of Inner Order, or High Degrees. The 10th, 11th and 12th Degree were created and delivered. But this time the plan was conceived to fix the small amount of time to keep the students paying their fees. For the contents he resourced to Theosophy and other esoteric material obtained from the passing and appropriate time of the F.U.D.O.S.I., even the ascended Masters (KUT-HU-MI, Moria-El and Saint Germain where called to help!). The degrees need to be extended enough to not require any other level any time soon, giving the organization time to breath. Thus the 10th degree was designed to include 250 monographs approximately; the 11th degree to include approximately the same number and the 12th with around 350 monographs! Considering receiving a pack of four monographs a month, it would take 212 months or 17 years to complete the new stage. That time enough!

But people are persistent and they got there as well. And now? It is the time for the crown of the Master Plan. Recently AMORC devised a new level of monographs (their source seems bottomless), The Planes or also called the Ordo Summun Bonvn. The actual number of monographs is unknown but they also changed the entire system of monograph delivery. Now the new and old members are receiving only a pack of 2 monographs per month, which will double the time spam for the entire system, requiring the new student their entire life span of affiliation do get the samething as I got. Now AMORC also have guarantee of a life-time fees from its members. That was sad but a real smart marketing move! Strategy conceived by the New Management.


In the overall picture, despite the Master Plan, AMORC did a significant contribution to the acceptance of the para-physical side of the human nature, as well as the methods to manage our mental powers. Their system also demonstrate that with persistence, common individual are able to incorporate into their daily routine exercises and practices to expand their consciousness without relaying in any guru or eastern techniques. Also prove, beyond the shadow of doubt that there is an interest in the metaphysical side of the reality we live in and related things. That people are seeking beyond the appearances and they are willing to sacrifice significant parte of their lives to achieve Enlightenment. That’s the best part of it. Should AMORC turn to its good side, incorporating the authentic Rosicrucian Tradition (Kabbalah, Theurgy, Astrology and Alchemy - the arcane sciences)? There is much that it can be done with such infrastructure around the world. It up to them to see what they really can do for humanity.


For more information, refer to Wikipedia: Rosicrucian Monographs

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