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AMORC in the 50's was referring students to the Golden Dawn?

Reviewing the monographs I have received in the 70's (in Portuguese) I found a paragraph written by HSL (probably in the 40's since the Portuguese translation in the 50's have not been updated) that, in my point of view, he is referring AMORC "advanced" students to seek further advancement in the Order of the Golden Dawn. The referral is located in the 11 Temple Degree, Mon. 9, from page 1 to 2. It is contained in the heading entitled "Alchemical Symbolism"; this session talks about the Dark Night of the Soul. It is the third paragraph in that section.   

Text in Portuguese published by the Grand Lodge of Brazil (70's)

"Segundo alguns escritos misticos, parece que houve toda uma organizacao conhecida como a Ordem do Aureo Alvorecer, as vezes citada por suas iniciais. Supoe-se que isto seja referencia ao mais alto desenvolvimento na fraternidade Rosacruz. (...) e' muitas vezes dito que somente os Membros da Ordem ou Fraternidade do Aureo Alvorecer conhecem o verdadeiro trabalho dos Rosacruzes. Alem disso, alguns escritos declaram que a verdadeira fraternidade dos Rosacruzes so' poderia ser encontrada nessa Ordem do Aureo Alvorecer."

My translation back to English

"According to some mystical writings, it seems there was an entire organization known as the Order of the Golden Dawn, as often quoted by his initials. It is assumed that this reference is the highest development in the Rosicrucian brotherhood. (...) and often said that only Members of the Order or Fraternity of the Golden Dawn know the real work of the Rosicrucians. Moreover, some writings declare that the true brotherhood of Rosicrucians could only be found in this Order of the Golden Dawn."

Smurf ( also found similar references:

I too would have received this monograph in the 70's.

"In some mystical writings, it would appear as though there was an entirely separate organization known as the Order of the Golden Dawn, sometimes referred to as the G.D. This is supposed to refer to the highest development in the Rosicrucian fraternity."

Frater Garard ( also found:

"I have the same thing in my French mono. 11 temple degree no. 9 page 2."

However, comparing that text in more recent monographs, related to the same degree, I noticed that the contents has been changed and the references to the "Order of the Golden Dawn" or its initials "G.D." have been removed.

Different points of view

Some fraters that replayed my posts seemed surprised or others a bit ungry about such referral, saying that HLS would never say something like that because he believes that AMORC was the TRUE Rosicrucian Order. Others said that the referral was a "misinterpretation" since the lesson talks about the Dark Night of the Soul and the "Golden Dawn" is not another order, but a state of being after the DNS, the illumination.

Frater André Klynstra ( replayed:

"I don't believe for a second that HSL was referring to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (1888 - 1903) when he was talking about Golden Dawn or that he recommended that Order to AMORC members, which b.t.w. was already dissolved when he wrote this monograph. He was totally convinced that AMORC was the only and true R.C. Order."

My answers

I wouldn't be so sure about what HSL believed. Actually he seemed to be very open mind about related mystery schools as you can see from his diverse affiliations through the F.U.D.O.S.I. and others. He also published his O.T.O. certificate in the Rosicrucian manual.

Also the original H.O.G.D. & A.O. didn't die in 1903, it continued to have active temples until the 40's and even later in New Zealand until 70's. Not to mention other less known temples in Russia, Austria, German, Switzerland, etc which had Adepts who helped to re-started new G.D. wave of modern temples. So the G.D. was very much alive when HLS wrote those teachings in our monographs. He knew that other mystery schools were more advanced than AMORC, and that AMORC was not the ONLY TRUE Rosicrucian order. Have a look at your 10T, 11T and 12T degree's Aditums and Initiations. That is were HLS introduced initiations and teachings from various mystery schools, like doors for the advanced student.

Do you mind to check again if your monographs have any match with the referred section above? Could you pass to me the original English text for this paragraph?

My hypothesis

Let's consider the time HSL wrote that monograph. May be he was very conscious that AMORC was not designed to supply its students with the level of mystical and magical knowledge offered by the G.D. The AMORC history tells us his involvement with the F.U.D.O.S.I. at that time, his close contact with so many other Rosicrucian societies/schools, and the immediate effect of the Golden Dawn teachings had in the Western Esoteric groups. He may be tough of a possibility of further collaboration between the schools (AMORC and HOGD/AO) as we can observe in other movements, such as the Martinism which adopted the Kabalistic Order of the Rosicross as its 4th degree since that school showed advanced studies in Cabala, topic related to the Martinist studies.

In my opinion, after more than 40 years of AMORC studies, is that HSL didn't use "Order" as a replacement for a state of being. He did not mistake the mentioned initials of the "G.D.". He knew very well about the HOGD. I have confirmation from other jurisdiction, like the Portuguese and Canadian (French), that this is the exactly text of the monographs. What is happening is that after the 70's AMORC has been removing progressively those references in the new revisions, may be because is an embarrassment to the actual administration who have a very different vision. Nowadays AMORC see other similar mystery schools as competitors for world audience, not as partners in the Great Work.

May be HSL had other vision for AMORC...

Later Additions to the post:

Posted by: "Morgan Drake Eckstein" Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:27 pm (PST)

I would float the suggestion that starting in 1937 that one no longer needed to seek entry into the Golden Dawn to study the material of the Golden Dawn, thanks to the fact the Regardie started to publish the material of the Order. I would be surprised if HSL did not own a complete set of the Regardie volumes.

Now, is that a reasonbable assumption or am I overlooking something?
My answer plus some after thoughts:

Hypotesis One: As you may know, reading Regardie (what I am sure HSL did it) is really not enough to achieve the G.D. highest purpose, or to contact your HGA (or Higher Self), and in my opinion that's was also the main objective of HSL higher teachings passed on the AMORC higher degrees. HSL mindset was targeting a full guidance in such delicate path of self-realization and I am sure he will not relay on published literature, which btw doesn't cover the A.C. in full, since Regardie only reach the 5=6 Adeptus Minor grade (in the Stella Matutina, not in the HOGD/AO).

Because in that monograph HSL was talking about the Dark Night of the Soul and the following state of Illumination or the golden dawn, he knew that was necessary for the student to engage themselves in a full Order study to achieve that further state of realization, which such course of study AMORC wasn't fully prepared to support.

To support my conclusion, just compare the AMORC and the HOGD/AO curriculum and you will agree with me.

AMORC curriculum: (full curriculum)

HOGD/AO Curriculum: (an example of it, I am working on a better one)

Hipothesis Two: (Which may work in conjuntion with Hipostesis One) HSL may also new that an organized HOGD/AO wasn't existing anymore at that time (1940-50), that is why he said that no visible Order can be found. However, he also knew that the Order initiated several Adepts and that they were arround and the possibility of study with one of them on a one-to-one (Master - Disciple) basis still was a possibility, and that's why he included the referred clue in the monongraphs. May be he was not actually "referring" his students to the Golden Dawn, but only point out another possibility of mystical/magical development for those who dare.

I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

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  1. I would float the suggestion that starting in 1937 that one no longer needed to seek entry into the Golden Dawn to study the material of the Golden Dawn, thanks to the fact the Regardie started to publish the material of the Order. I would be surprised if HSL did not own a few set of the Regardie volumes.

  2. Care Fra. T.A.S.,

    Thank's for sharing with this information. I agree with your asessment of the information in the old mongraphs. There are several quite distinct references to the R.R. et A.C. (the Second Order of the Golden Dawn). One early name of A.M.O.R.C. were A.A.O.R.R.A.C., or Antiquus Arcanus Ordo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis; not at all disimilar to R.R. et A.C. (Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis). And there is also a reference to the 'Hermetic Cross', which is an exact copy of the Rose Cross Lamen of a R.R. et A.C. Adeptus Minor, but lacking flashing colours. I still have my gilded pendant of the 'Hermetic Cross', that I bought from A.M.O.R.C. in the early 1990's. I still use it sometimes.

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

  3. Saudações nas Três Pontas de Nosso Sagrado Triângulo!!!

    Parabéns pelo blog nobre frater, poderia permitir seguidores...a ele...meu TFA...seguidos de PP/

    eduardo FRC/PM/MM

  4. It`s true, I went back to monograph 9 I got in
    spanish language (1993) the referral is there.

  5. HSL died in 1939 so references made in the 1940s and 50s would not have been made by him. The reference is puzzling because his son Ralph Maxwell Lewis if anything had greater disdain for 'magic' than his father.

  6. There is a possibility that AMORC people have understood the term 'Golden Dawn' differently to the rest of the occult world. This odd note was made by a longtime AMORC member on the alt.amorc newsgroup in 30 Jan 2006. The context- she had been posting material from the writings of RA Gilbert and added a biographical note where she adds her own 'clarification' which appears to misunderstand what the term 'Golden Dawn' meant :

    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE ABOUT GILBERT from the above article: "R.A. Gilbert is an antiquarian bookseller in Bristol, UK. He is the author
    of The Golden Dawn: Twilight of the Magicians, and A.E. Waite: Magician of Many Parts and is currently working with John Hamill, the librarian of the United Grand Lodge of England, on A World History of Freemasonry."

    Note by Cathari: "Golden Dawn" in the above
    reference, is a symbolic reference to the inner dawn of mystical illumination in the Rosicrucian tradition (not a ref. in the bio. to an

    Follow up posts corrrected that misunderstanding.

  7. very interesting posts, I am a member of amorc since almost 20 years, I really enjoyed the teachings and rituals but at one stage had some problems with members - always was studying other traditions too; 10th temple degree teachings led me to go to india and study yoga acharya for many years;

    I believe that one school is not enough, I know ev. about golden dawn since childhood, have red 2000 books, all I can say there is no prober organisation named golden dawn out there - and never was - if you read comments from GD members even around 1900 ...

    all the groups existing today atrract very immature people and are led by people who are far away from being a senior adept or magus;

    same in india with yoga schools;

    the contact to higher self is the important step, and from here . the techniques HSL gives us - are really working - and enable us to find our path alone;

    it is the simple exercises - done day by day (like sadhana in yoga) wich bring developement, not complicated rituals for aged grufties;

    a simple mantra - so hum - breathing in and breathing out - can lead one into the breathless state;

    this is all you need (in amorc - mathaom exercise / assumption)

    you definitly DONT need more than that on a physical level - and once you reach inner levels - you get everything you need - without any further exercises of some G.D. e.g.

    this is the "spiritual greenhorn" attitude of people who only read amorc monographs - buying them on ebay - not being a member - thinking they are not advanced ..... they are;

    in yoga - savasana (relaxation) is most difficult to achive (lying down on your back and relax - yoga nidra), also breathing and reaching meditative state / breathless state / trance;





  8. this can only be the opinion of a non member just reading monographs (bought on ebay) without understanding - I know all the golden dawn orders and can tell - being a member of amorc since almost 20 years - the system works and it is NOT about advanced exercises but mastering the simple ones;

    it is about reaching cosmic consciousness - all techniques are not relevant any more once you "trust" in yourself (P1-P3) monographs beginning of the old 9th temple degree;

    in the 12th degree it is explained why "advanced" techniques are not the way ....

  9. Also sorry about the delay on publishing your post (s). For a long time I was unable to access the posts waiting for my approval. Now everything is working fine.

    In Profound Peace & L.V.X.
    Fra. T.A.S.

  10. Dear Fra. Serapis,

    After 40 years membership I came to a conclusion about a couple of aspects regarding the organization objectives and aims.

    First of all, AMORC has being evolving since its inception by HSL. It started as an experimental method of mystical (not magical) development, even thought HSL did some magical experiments with a select few higher degree members testing black mirrors (which he also provided a special fabrication formula), those which he decided to abandon as they were too powerful to allow general membership to access. Direct references about that "incident" are recorded in the old Triangle magazine and a picture of HSL Black Mirror was preserved in the Student Manual until recently removed as part of the cleaning of the past process.

    Secondly, the AMORC Great Council decided that, apart from the spectacular downfall of the GD, the American people and may be the world was not ready for REAL magic, so they decided to sanitized the Rosicrucian teaching material of all ritual magic + theurgy + esoteric astrology, alchemy + gematry + qalalah & etc. reducing the entire Rosicrucian teachings to a New Thought self-development / psychic development course PLUS an expectation to achieve contact with the Master from the higher planes using visualization exercises.

    Tertiary, the organization left among the degrees beyond the 9th several unexplained clues that will supposedly lead "who is prepared" to go beyond the monograph's course. But never leading to Cosmic Consciousness, which is well beyond the scope of such studies and exercises. The main development environment of AMORC's teaching is the Astral contacts and experiences, nothing further can be expected from the system. Amounting to the fact that since HSL, the concept of Higher Self is identified with Psychic Body or Astral Body. That makes the limitations of the system very clear indeed.

    You may ask WHY? They did do that, having so much knowledge in their hands?

    In may point of view was a marketing strategy to reach millions instead of a few who are really prepared for the inner journey. May be that's was their mission as AMORC successfully stablished itself in ever small town in the globe, and today becoming the model for a successful correspondence course ever!

  11. I have the mentioned monograph and you have not reported all of what is said in it.
    The point is that HSL refers to the invisible college in which the Adept can enter when he reaches a particular level of evolution, and it is separated from any physical organization. Every high-level Initiatic Order provides (or should provide) techniques to enter such inner church. That is the golden dawn opposed to the dark night of the soul.

    1. Anonymous (you really like to be called like that?), as you may check your Master Monograph, HSL clearly mentioned an "Order" of the G.D. in the mentioned paragraph and elsewhere in the MM.

      Also, you may noticed that any reference made by HSL to the "Invisible College" was done as GWB or GWL or even as "Higher Intelligences" but never as the Order of the Golden Dawn. Please check your MM from 10th to 12th Degrees.

      In the referred degrees, HSL/RML present to the students several techniques for atunement with the Master but never included, in any way, the OGD as that Order does not make any allegiance with the GWB or its Masters.

  12. I don't see why HSL would purposefully bring attention to the G.D in AMORC monographs in order to steer members toward them and away from AMORC. It doesn't make any sense. Surely he would also have known whether they were still around or not and either way not take the risk of steering people away from AMORC (unless AMORC was an entry Order for the GD, which it clearly was not?. There was never any collaboration between the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and AMORC as inner and outer Orders or one being recruiting grounds for the other.

    After carefully reading the monograph in question, it seems that Lewis was putting the term 'Golden Dawn' into perspective as a mystical concept, in relation to the 'Dark Night of the Soul'. In doing so, mention had to be made of the Order which uses the name 'Golden Dawn' in it's title. I believe this was for the sake of providing clarity. The quotation used in this blog post should be viewed in the context of the entire monograph.

    Mention of the 'Golden Dawn' organization has since been removed from the AMORC monographs PRECISELY in order to prevent it from causing the confusion which has caused here.

    If the entire monograph is read then one will see what I'm saying to be quite clear. In addition to this, it's worth mentioning that the subject matter of the monograph in question is regarding the 'Dark Night of the Soul' and the 'Golden Dawn' as states of Consciousness.

    1. Dear Custos, thank you very much for your comments on this article. I appreciate your line of thinking, however as was mentioned in the paragraph above:
      "Because in that monograph HSL was talking about the Dark Night of the Soul and the following state of Illumination or the golden dawn, he knew that was necessary for the student to engage themselves in a full Order study to achieve that further state of realization, which such course of study AMORC wasn't fully prepared to support. "
      As you can see, I considered the entire context of the MM in question, but what is missing in my explanation above was the requirement to get in contact with the Higher Self is the missing component in AMORC teaching, or at least minimized, the Ritual Magic practice including all its essential components such as Astrology, Kabbalah and Alchemy. HSL had this perspective that the American people wasn't prepared for that, or he himself wasn't, and decided to put off that vital element in the Rosicrucian Tradition, for without we aren't able to progress as required. Knowing that the OGD developed this aspect to a higher level he decided to hint the way to the higher, just for those who are prepared. But is my point of view only. Think about it.

    2. Also I would like to add to my replay to Custos that AMORC is missing, for instance, one important ritual to aid the student to contact their inner genius or higher self: the famous Golden Dawn (an Rosicrucian order) ritual called the Analysis of the Keyword (details refer to my post: That ritual introduces important elements to aid the student to develop an inner contact.