Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Observer Effect, Contacting Your Inner Self

The observer effect. High Magic is all about the role of consciousness in the Universe. Have you tried the Candle Flame contemplation experiment with a twist? If you do, you can be witness of your Inner Self (contacting the inner SILENCE). Being conscious aware of the mind activity. 

Try a simple experiment:

1. Place a lighted candle in a small table in front of you, as you sit, make the flame at the hight of your eyes.
2. Let your breath be calm and relaxed while contemplating the flame.
3. Start to become aware of your eyes as they allow the flame to be seem. Do it until you fill the eyes like windows through which the flame is perceived.
4. Feel even deeper and become aware that it is a perception of being aware of the eyes perceiving the flame.
5. Turn now the focus of your concentration even deeper and feel what is witnessing the perception of the eyes, which is registering the flame. Feel that what is witnessing is the Consciousness and it is the SILENCE of the Presence within, nothing else.

This is a life changing experience, which is in tune with the objectives of High Magic.  

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