Monday, November 8, 2010

Can AMORC have a college of Adepti?

I had a vision that I would like to share with my Fratres and Sorors regarding the higher degrees of AMORC.

Doing my Sanctum work for the Esoteric Hierarchy, I was asking guidance for the development of the Rosicrucian Tradition, And I had a vision of a college of Rosicrucian Adepts made by high degree members who are willing to go further and actively willing to contribute to the mystical development of human kind and the Rosicrucian Tradition. In that college our members were using our basic teachings designing and advancing further the frontier of our mystical knowledge using all the fields and tools provide by the Ancient Sciences. The effect of this work in our planet became visible as an immense aura of White Light started to involve our planet purifying and elevating its environment. That new activity became the central focus for human transformation and acceleration of the vibrational tonus of your Earth.

After those unforgettable moments I started to reflect on how such a vision can be manifested for betterment of humankind. Below I describe some of the ideas as they come up.

Considering the high degrees that a member could attain during their studies and practices within the AMORC course of studies, what are the advantages of having a College of the Adepti?

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What was the purpose of the "College of the Adepti" in the past/present/future?

As we know from renowned esoteric authors, a "College of the Adepti" is defined as a group of high initiated students who dedicated themselves to the advancement of the Occult Sciences or the Rosicrucian Tradition. They take the material they received by their mystery schools and get them further by advanced experimentations and occult research aiming to gather ever higher knowledge and wisdom to be incorporated into the R+C Tradition.

What are the Adepti's fields of development?
- Hermeticism
- Spiritual Alchemy
- Esoteric Astrology (Horary Astrology, etc.)
- Divination (Geomancy, Tarot, etc)

What are the Adepti's Tools?
- Concentration
- Contemplation
- Visualisation
- Mediation
- Psychic Vision
- Vibroturgy (psychometry)
- Psychic Projection
- Arcane Symbology
- Words of power (Vocalic sounds, mantras, divine names)
- Consciousness rising techniques
- Assumption (psychic and divine)

Does AMORC has some equivalent to the "College of the Adepti"?

There are some basic activities within the AMORC affiliation that in part resembles to activities pertaining to a "College of the Adepti":
- The Esoteric Hierarchy
- The Order Summun Bonvm
- The Artisan fora

However, those activities and affiliations remain limited to the scope defined for them.
- The Esoteric Hierarchy - Its purpose is not clearly defined as it exists as an aid to the Imperator. The E.H. member only needs to pass their reports to the Imperator when they have any psychic impressions related to the work or activities of the organization.
- The Order Summun Bonvm - Recently created, this esoteric body comprises members of the high degrees, and they commitment with the organization is the same as required by the students of the lower degrees. These commitments are dedication to their studies and practices and self-development.
- The Artisan classes or fora - Also recently created, that activity is aimed to higher degree members as a forum of debate around "relevant" subjects to the class.

Are the AMORC members of these esoteric bodies/classes happy with the advancements offered by the organization, at that level?
According to my experience, they are not. From many years of participation in Lodge activities and AMORC activities over the world FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS, I notice that we always have the impression that was hard to attract higher degree members to the activities. I can summarise below the reason for that behaviour:

a) Most of the higher degree members lose their connection with the Order after while and when asked why, they say that are finding their answers elsewhere.
b) Some demonstrated their frustration for the lack of activities to propel them further exploring the jewels of knowledge, only briefly shown to then, in the higher degrees, but not developed as deeper as they expected.
c) They also feel that is their responsibility to develop even further the R+C Tradition, but they do not have means and an environment/structure to do so.

Your Feedback to AMORC

If you are part of those groups, do you agree with my impressions obtained in the field?
Do you believe that AMORC needs to create its own "College of the Adepti"?
What you think could be accomplish in the metaphysical field by a "College of the Adepti"?
How a "College of the Adepti" could propel AMORC's expansion further?

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Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Observer Effect, Contacting Your Inner Self

The observer effect. High Magic is all about the role of consciousness in the Universe. Have you tried the Candle Flame contemplation experiment with a twist? If you do, you can be witness of your Inner Self (contacting the inner SILENCE). Being conscious aware of the mind activity. 

Try a simple experiment:

1. Place a lighted candle in a small table in front of you, as you sit, make the flame at the hight of your eyes.
2. Let your breath be calm and relaxed while contemplating the flame.
3. Start to become aware of your eyes as they allow the flame to be seem. Do it until you fill the eyes like windows through which the flame is perceived.
4. Feel even deeper and become aware that it is a perception of being aware of the eyes perceiving the flame.
5. Turn now the focus of your concentration even deeper and feel what is witnessing the perception of the eyes, which is registering the flame. Feel that what is witnessing is the Consciousness and it is the SILENCE of the Presence within, nothing else.

This is a life changing experience, which is in tune with the objectives of High Magic.  

What's High Magic?

What is high technology today if demonstrated a 100 years ago will beconsidered "magic". But not the "Magic" show which is the art of entertaiment and prestigitation, the work of illusion. The Magic in the esoteric context is something else... Its origins were lost through the ages, it is what remains from an Ancient Science that belonged to old civilizations on Earth. 

What is called Magic or High Magic is what our technology is starting to discover, the Quantum field and the Holographic Universe. Is in that context that the High Magic occurs. Our mind and consciousness have the power do interact with the core of those fields that shapes our reality and change it at Will. That's what the Ancient Science of High Magic have to teach us, helping us in our Path to achieve high quality of life and existence.