Friday, September 3, 2010

Master Kut-Hu-Mi and the Rosicrucian Convention of 1926

According to the AMORC’s official magazine published by the Grand Lodge for Portuguese language in Brazil, in a section entitled “Master Kut-Hu-Mi and the Rosicrucian Convention of 1926”, is says: “H. Spencer Lewis published in the years of 1926, in the official AMORC American magazine, ‘The Mystic Triangle’, an article entitled ‘Our Trip Through Europe’, a fascinating account (in several chapters) about a certain secret International Convention held by the ‘Rosicrucian Order Worldwide’ happened in that year, in Toulouse, France.  

There is a portion of the article that talks about of the participation of Master Kut-Hu-Mi in the Convention as a Supreme R+C Master, not only he spoken to the high initiates and all delegates of the Order, but also had private meetings with the AMORC officials, among them with H. Spenser Lewis. 

According to the AMORC Imperator statements, Master K.H.M. was alive at that time and living in Tibet. Currently the Master is operating in the Cosmic Plan at the service of the R+C.” 

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