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The Hermetic Rose-Cross (AMORC vs GD)

In the AMORC’s official magazine published by the Grand Lodge for Portuguese language in Brazil, there is a clue that links AMORC origins with the Golden Dawn symbols and materials, is the Hermetic Rose-Cross lamen. It is in a section that usually explains the front cover illustration, it says: (translated from Portuguese)   
"The complex symbol which is used to be the cover of this publication is known as the ‘Hermetic Rose-Cross’, and was created around 1887 by Samuel L Matters, and composed from ancient symbols from the ‘Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians from XVI and XVII Centuries’. The symbol created by Matters includes two rose-crosses interlaced, in addition of elements related to Alchemy and Kabalah.”

However, it is important to mention, that even though AMORC does not explor the symbology of the lamen into their teachings, it has being used as Master and Grand Master pendant since the Order’s inception. In the case of Golden Dawn, the new Adept is required to create their own lamen to be worn during ritual convocations and special ceremonies. For the Golden Dawn it is the mark of the Adept while for AMORC is just a jewelry used for the office member which no degree related requirement. (Text corrected as suggested in the comments).

Symbolism of the Golden Dawn Rosy Cross

This lamen is a complete synthesis of the masculine, positive, or rainbow scale of color attributions, which is also called the Scale of the King. The four arms of the cross belong to the four elements and are colored accordingly. The white portion belongs to the Holy Spirit and the planets.

The petals of the rose refer to the twenty-two paths on the Tree of Life and the Twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is the cross in Tiphareth, the receptacle and the center of the forces of the Sephiroth and the paths. The extreme center of the rose is white, the reflected spiritual brightness of Kether, bearing upon it the Red Rose of Five Petals and the Golden Cross of Six Squares; four green rays issue from around the angles of the cross. Upon the white portion of the lamen, below the rose, is placed the hexagram, with the planets.

Around the pentagrams, which are placed one upon each elemental colored arm, are drawn the symbols of the spirit and the four elements. Upon each of the floriated (the arms) of the cross are arranged the three alchemical principles of sulfur, salt, and mercury. The white rays issuing from behind the rose at the inner angles between the arms of the cross are the rays of the divine light issuing and coruscating from the reflected light of Kether in its center; and the letters and symbols on them refer to the analysis of the Key Word - I.N.R.I. and IAO. For particular references to the Keywords, please refer to my other post G.D. Rituals: Analysis of the Keyword.


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I would like to open a discussion regarding the concept of an Adept and its required preparation in an esoteric school settings like the Rosicrucian orders, not only AMORC but other Rosicrucian schools or orders as well

Note: This is not a work of fiction but a deep research into the subject supported by many years of study and practices and directed to sincere students of the Rosicrucian Traditions. 

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Your comments will be appreciated. 


  1. Ave Fr. TAS,

    If so, why AMORC in several monographs and many of the H.Spencer Lewis lectures, he calls magic as "rudimentary" and "primitive" and even, when he refers to Talismans, he talks in a very deceptive way. Were they personal bias against someone in GD?

    This has been one of my biggest disagreements I have regardings AMORC teachings. I'm a member of AMORC and HOGD A/O and because I'm more inclined to magic, I just disregard these AMORC "teachings" against magic.

    In the LVX,


    1. Care Fra, V.L.,
      In my humble opinion, already expressed elsewhere in this blog, the AMORC's Grand Council of the Supreme Grand Lodge opted to delivery basic psychic development to their members as a result of the repressive cultural climate in the U.S.A. at the time the Order started to expand, earlier 1900's. Another factor that contributed to that was the bad reputation spread by the split and revolt of the members of the original G.D. in the beginning of the 20th Century.

      As AMORC was seeking recognition for its start, it was preferred to embrace the psychic research so popular on those days, instead of the controversial magical practices advocated by the G.D.

      However, if you look very closely you can see traces of magical practices in the AMORC teachings, in its experiments, initiation rituals and practices.

      Please, refer to my blog:

    2. Care Fra. V.L.
      Reviewing your comments I would like to add a link to one of my posts that reflects some earlier attempts to include magic in the AMORC studies by HSL. Please refer to the Black Mirror Experiment:

  2. Care Fr TAS,

    I have just followed back from GH FR's Blog and discovered this blog. It is very good. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas. I will reading more soon.

    Just a small 'correction' on this post. In all the Orders, and confirmed by some original Order papers, the RR et AC (Inner Order of the GD) did not actually give the RC lamen to the newly initiated adept. They have to create and consecrate one themselves according to the directions in the official papers.

    As a teenager I noticed the RC lamen, lifted straight from the GD/RR et AC, within the AMORC 'Rosicrucian Manual' but precious little information about it. The Perth members of AMORC I spoke to had no information about it either :)

    Thanks again for the Blog!

    1. Care Fra. Peregrin,

      You are absolute right, and pardon for referring wrongly on the matter. The lamen must be created by the Adepti for their own use during G.D. rituals, as well any other sacred implement or ritual tools.

      And you have another point, as I noticed the same thing. AMORC members don't know anything about the symbolic meanings of the R+C Lamen, And you know? That was one of the first motives that lead me to seek more outside the Order boundaries. They also don't know why the Order degrees from 5th to 7th are entitled Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major and Adeptus Excemptius. Or why their 8th to 10th degrees are entitled Magister Templi, Magus and Ipsissimus, following the same grade nomination of the Golden Dawn (also they had Zelator, Praticus, Theoricus and Philosophus for their first degrees). Coincidence? Or an attempt to use some grade structure related to the ancient Rose & Golden Cross to gain credibility?

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  4. Does anyone knows where to find a Rose Cross for sale?
    Thank you

    1. Care Frater SS, I have bought my own Rose Cross necklace many years ago from the AMORC Members shopping area. I cannot find the item on sale anymore. Try that:

  5. Hello Carlos, where did you find that image of the Rose Cross necklace? I have been scouring the web for a source, but I haven't been able to find one. Do you maybe have a higher resolution version of the image? Thanks so much!

    1. I would love to know where to find that pendant as well.

  6. I would like to suggest as a further studies into the Rosicrucian Metaphysics, my ebook, which is my extended research intot the subject:

  7. My name is Sir Eric William King, founder of SOCT Science. I have been studying this issues for a very long time and I appreciate your site and information, well done. I am also the Grand Commander of the French CRC order originally founded by De Guiata.

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