Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The Lost Symbol" and the Ancient Wisdom

Reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" I saw this convergence message of a unification between modern (scientific) and ancient knowledge. The author showing the last advancements in Noetic Sciences give us an insight about what is about to happen in near future.

As we can see, scientific mind all over the world became linked to one or another mystical path of development of consciousness and now they are reflecting in their scientific work the results of their incursions into the ancient wisdom. "Noetic" sciences is a direct reflection of a rosicrucian influence on the scientific research. The modern mind is opening up to the Cosmos and start to see the correspondences like "as above, so below"...

Also "The Lost Symbol" give us a metaphor for the search of the Ancient Wisdom. Look at the symbols the author used:
  • The trunked Pyramid
  • The Pyramid's capstone
  • The staircase to the underground buried "Secret"
  • The "Lost Word"

The Trunked Pyramid - refers to the human spiritual development that need to be completed.

The Pyramid capstone - refers to the Divine Key that need to used to unlock the Ancient Wisdom and complete the human development. The Divine Key is the contact with our Higher Self, Genius or Guardian Angel.

The Underground staircase - refers to the Path that accesses the deep recess of our mind (our subconscious mind) to retrieve the treasure of Ancient Wisdom that is waiting for us (the Kabbalah?) under the guidance of our Higher Self.

The hidden treasure of Ancient Wisdom - refers to the liberating knowledge given by the Tradional Schools of Mystery to guide us to the final step of our development.

The "Lost Word" - Which have many meanings in the Hermetic tradition. The Atlantean lost word of power for Ancient and Mystic Ordo Rosae Crucis or the FreeMason Lost Word or key to the ancient wisdom.

Anyway, the book is fascinating and I recomment to all our frateres and sorores. Very stimulating.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Dawn: An Unifield Field of Knowledge

Reflecting on the Magi history of the past few centuries we came to a conclusion that the Golden Dawn system was a natural evolution of the ideas of the Magi, particularly of John Dee, Giordano Bruno, Paracelso, Agripa and Robert Fludd.

John Dee, may had two major contributions to the future development of the Golden Dawn system of magic. First, after he immersed himself in the Emperor Rudolph of Prague's vast collection of esoterica he may have planted the seeds for the future Rosicrucian manifestos, and also after he compiled the Enochian system.

Giordano Bruno, endevoured to create a training program whereby magicians might transmute their own mind into a conduit for cosmic power to attract celestial energies to be able to project them focused in concentrated form.

Robert Fludd, endevoured to unite the Hermetical sciences into a coherent whole, including Alchemy, Astrology, Kabbala, numerology, sacred Geometry and others.

From the work layed out by those luminaries it seems that the whole concept of the Golden Dawn started to take shape in the mind of those Adepts who where selected by the Secret Chiefs to externalize the Ancient Science, moving the realization of the Divine from an individual quest to the perfection of the society. From the Magi to a secret society.

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