Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hermetical "Symbols" are charged cells in the magical matrix

For the Hermeticist, and also for the student of the Golden Dawn, the analogies and correspondences connecting the various levels of reality are expressed by symbols.

Hermetical Symbols, like sounds, letters and words in Egyptian and Hebrew are repositories of energy - they work like cross stitches in the fabric of reality (the matrix). These symbols-cells can be ACTIVATED using particular rituals learned from our studies in the Golden Dawn.

From that can we conclude that Hermeticism is not only theory but a concrete methodology of practical magic? A methodology including mental disciplines (meditation, memory training and breath control) and Astrology and Alchemy?

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  1. Interesting but... what Golden Dawn? Cicero? Regardie?
    Doesn't the Golden Dawn have so many currents (with the same name) that a person doesn't know what are the ones to take seriously?
    Maybe Rosicrucian Orders are even more (especially if we think of Golden Dawn as a Rosicrucian Order)

  2. Luis, you can consider this post valid for all "Golden Dawn" based traditions, as per they share a commom core tradition and are based in the same Hermetic principles.

    I would recommend you read the "Kabbalah Magic, and the Great Work of Self-Transformation, a complete course" by Lyam Thomas Christopher. It is now my personal guide through the Golden Dawn pathwork.

  3. Luis, you are absolutely right... There are so many Golden Dawn(s). Which one to choose/follow? Should one follow any? Or find one's own Path?

    With the amount of resources available, depends. Depend on what you need to keep going. If you are a self-started, self-management type you may use Regardie or Lyan T. Christopher guides. If not, try to enter in deep meditation and ask your Higher Self for guidance... The Path will be shown to you.

  4. Thank you for your reply.
    My background is mainly Chaos Magick (and I can't imagine nothing more "selfish" than Chaos).
    A group Order could be an interesting experience, but in Portugal I am aware of AMORC (and probably more two or three Rosicucian Orders), several Masonic Lodges and the Teosophical Society (with at least 7 different study groups).
    I think that any Golden Dawn "branch" or a Thelemic organization are missing in this country (and WICCA only makes me smile).

    Somehow Regardie seems closer to Thelema than the Golden Dawn. Isn't there an A.:A.: branch started by Regardie after Crowley's death? I think I have already read something about it somewhere on the net.

    Oh, isn't talking in Portuguese nicer?
    Best regards,

  5. Luis, depois de muito pensar, decidi que e' melhor usar o Ingles para atingir uma audiencia maior. E alem do mais esta tao facil traduzir uma pagina no Google que nao vale a pena o esforco. Voce nao concorda?

    Por falar nisso, voce sabe se ja existe templo da HOGD em Portugual?
    Outra: Voce ja teve chance de ler o livro Kabbala Magic de Lyan Thomas Chistopher? No meu ponto de vista, este e' o melhor guia para auto estudo da Golden Dawn. O livro e' simplesmente fantastico. Se voce nao leu, nao perca tempo..


  6. Hello, I think that Portugal needs more information than english speaking countries... to me it doesn't make much difference.

    The HOGD doesn't exist in Portugal (at least that I am aware of).

    I've never read Christopher's book, my favourite book about QBL is Gareth Knight's "A Pratical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism".

    My current (and heavy) reading is "The Canon" by William Stirling. Very interesting ideas about Numbers, Geometry, Gnosticism, Cabala and much more.

    Best regards

  7. Luis, glad you like to communicate in English. I have downloaded W. Stirling, The Cannon and read through to what are talking about. Then I noticed that Stirling's book talks "about" the Hermetics and NOT how to do it, as Christopher does. I though you were interested in learn your way into the Golden Dawn system of magic, rather than a theoretical reading about it. Sorry if I misunderstood your intentions.

    Also I would like to point out that English is used nowadays as a common language of interchange and if people in Portugual (like in Brazil) want to be in touch with what is happening arround need to know English. Not only Portugual need more information (that is more frequently available in English) but several other non-speaking English countries need it to communicate and get informed.

  8. Hello, after reading the review of "Kabbala Magic" in Amazon I understood what you mean. Reading the title I thought you where making a reference to QBL (or Caballa or another of the similar names it uses).
    My apologies and I will order the book you mentioned soon.

    Best regards,

  9. Also sorry about the delay on publishing your post (s). For a long time I was unable to access the posts waiting for my approval. Now everything is working fine.

    In Profound Peace & L.V.X.
    Fra. T.A.S.