Monday, October 19, 2009

Rose Cross Trice Great (Trimegistus)

Investigating the origins of the Rosicrucian “Perennial Philosophy” I found that during the public manifestation of the Golden und Rose Cross in German, the Order included the 3 main areas of mystical and magical thought and practice: Hermeticism (including Mysticism, Magic and Theurgy), Alchemy and Astrology.

The mastering of these ancient sciences made Hermes to become legendary called the “Trimegistus” or 3 times great.

Despite of the original Rosicrucian corpus was a mixture of these 3 sciences we are witnessing some kind of specialization in the various modern “flavours” or manifestations of the Rosicrucian orders.

AMORC - Chose to teach Mysticism without Magic or Theurgy, little of Alchemy and less of Astrology.

B.O.T.A. – Selected the Tarot (part of the Hermetic philosophy), Kabala and Astrology as their main stream of teachings.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - Have a full mix of all the sciences, making emphasis of each at their grade levels and orders.

Why that phenomenon is happening? Those ancient sciences were undivided and fully integrated in the past, because they preached the wholeness approach to the Divine. So what is happen when they are taught separated? Fragmented initiation into the Mysteries? Is that fragmentation of the knowledge mirroring the fragmentation of knowledge we found in modern science? Are we trying to apply new concepts of knowledge to the ancient wisdom? Just now that we are experiencing a convergence in science; that the Quantum physics show us the need of a whole approach to knowledge; are we trying to break the ancient and whole wisdom apart?

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  1. Hi, I'm a new member of AMORC and joined after spending about five years trying to find a spiritual path. I have interest in learning Kabbalah, astrology, alchemy, magic, tarot, mysticism, etc. I am not certain to what degree I will learn these subjects but I'm enjoying my membership so far.

    I found your blog tonight by doing a Google blog search for "Rosicrucian". I plan on stopping by often to see your writings.

  2. You need to be aware that AMORC is not a "magic" school in a true sense of it. It has magic rituals (in grade initiations and in the practical exercises "experiments") but not cerimonial magic. Absolutelly not Tarot. Alchemy is taught as a principles, basic concepts behind the teachings. Kabbalah is only mentioned, even in the Higher Degrees but not studied or practiced. AMORC is a mystical and not a magic school. You need to be aware what you are looking for as your inner path. Try to read more about the Golden Dawn and you may have a clear idea about the differences between both. Anyway, a solid foundation on mystical principles is ideal for further advancements.

  3. Hi Frater

    Nice blog! I hope you don't stop to post. I've a blog to, but it's in portuguese (I'm from Brazil).

    My blog:

    Well, I'm member of Rosecross since 1997 and I love to participate of the Order.

  4. Also sorry about the delay on publishing your post (s). For a long time I was unable to access the posts waiting for my approval. Now everything is working fine.

    In Profound Peace & L.V.X.
    Fra. T.A.S.