Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are AMORC & Golden Dawn off-shots of an older and greater Tradition?

Resourcing to historical sources I came to a conclusion that both paths traced their origins back to Chirstian Rosencreutz, to the Fama and related Rosicrucian manifestos.  

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What if we consider the possibility that AMORC and GD are complimentary paths towards the same goal?

Are there arguments to support that conclusion?

Let’s consider the facts related to both paths:

1. According to their teachings, they seek to guide the student to contact their Higher Self (Genius).

2. They exhort the student to perfect their inferior vibrations to achieve self mastery.

3. They use rituals to allow the student to connect themselves with the egregore (or currents) of the Order.

4. They use rituals to develop the student’s ability to attune themselves with higher planes or sources knowledge and wisdom.

5. They use theurgist techniques such as scrying (crystal reading), meditation on symbols, assumption of forms, etc to draw on psychic energies and knowledge from higher planes.

6. They use breathing techniques, visualizations and mantras (sacred words) to develop the student’s psychic centres or chakras.

7. They use psychic exercises to develop student’s mental abilities such as telepathy, clairaudience, radiestesy, astral projection, etc to develop their abilities to operate in the higher planes.

8. Their claimed “differences” of being “theurgistical” rather than “mystical” organisations (that’s the case of GD claims), which is not a real difference, since theurgist magic has the mystical atunement as pre-requisite for work.

9. They claim contact with high Masters to have guidance on their path.

10. Finally and most importantly, they claim that they are subjected to a higher Order, the Invisible Rose-Croix (or the Secret Chiefs), which provide their teachings and guidelines so they can act upon the world.

So what is the real difference? The difference can be found in their approach to the path of illumination? Or they were guided to deliver the same teachings on different levels?

If so, can we see AMORC as fulfilling the Émile Dantinne (Sâr Hiéronymus) vision of a Rosicroix Universite (a Rosicrucian University) open to a wide audience, training them to be able to handle high levels of mystical and magical work, preparing them to the admission into the Golden Dawn tradition?

In my humble opinion, that’s exactly what is happening. I think that both paths do not explicitly state that implied strategy avoiding de-motivating their neophytes early on the Path (particularly AMORC). Therefore, I think, more information on that subject should be given to AMORC advanced students, so they can progress along the Path, if they decided that they can handle an entire new level of understanding and exploration of the magical Universe.

Also would be equally good for the GD seekers to know that they need to prepare themselves to get the best GD can provide; and AMORC may be right choice for beginners. For those who want to build a solid foundation for their Hermetic Alchemy studies in the Third Order.

The best of both worlds however, would be that both organizations recognise the value of each other’s work, credit each other achievements, resources and common goals working with wisdom towards humanity’s development and not regarding their own organization as means of differentiation but union toward the Path of Return.


  1. What can you tell about the current of Order?

    I'm a novis. Know very little.

  2. Being a member of both a Golden Dawn Temple and an AMORC offshoot, I will say I find the initiations different, the order of information given different and overall the scope and aim different. However, the two groups do have a common goal of the expansion of the human into something more, or the re-integration of the spirit back to its source.

    The main difference I find is that the egregores and currents have a different flavor, if that's the correct word to use. The two groups while seemingly different in many many ways, do lead toward the same point, they merely come at the path differently.

    Fr. AENE

  3. I recently enrolled in AMORC as a neophyte; where can I get more information on GD? would appreciate any direction you can offer. thanks.
    Peace, light (on), LOVE
    (I am also a member of

  4. On behalf of Michele da Silva Gama [Google+Hangout] Thu 12:22PM

    Hi Carlos, i took the liberty to send you this comment because I read in your blog about comparisons between the GD and AMORC orders. I've been thinking about these similarities between those orders. Sometimes it seems that both serve the same teachers but targeting different audiences. For example, reading The Royal Road - The Manual of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot by Stephan A. Hoeller, I realized that both Orders are given the same titles to initiates in their corresponding degrees... I also found reference stories linking Lewis / Crowley and the Golden Dawn. This left me puzzled... After all, who'll serve?

    1. Michele, you have raised two interesting points, which I would like to comment.
      A) “Both AMORC & HOGD have the same Masters” – That’s a very controversial point since AMORC made allegiance with the Ascended Master, which are part of the Great White Brotherhood of Masters. On the other hand in the teachings of the HOGD there is no mention whatsoever of any Masters as such and their Adepts relay solely on the contact with the Elemental, Planetary and Zodiacal Intelligences for guidance. The only point in common is that both schools direct the student to contact their Higher Selves for inner guidance as well.
      B) “Both orders are given the same titles to initiates in their corresponding degrees” – That’s true by all means. Both orders select the old Gold und Rosencreuzts Ordo (from Germany) as the model for their degree system of study. But their similarities in applying that terminology stops right there. Their use of such degree titles are totally different since for AMORC they are just honorific titles, while for the HOGD they represent a Kabbalistic connection with the Tree of Life and an expected level of achievement for each grade.
      I hope this will clarify you understanding on the subject. For further info I recommend you to read my post which will give you a detailed explanation for the above.