Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Illumination Process acc to Paul F. Case

Paul Foster Case an Adept of the Golden Dawn and also founded his own order called The Builders of the Adytum ( I consider this author one of the greater and most advanced Rosicrucians of modern times. In his book "The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order" (, he makes the connection between the Rosicrucian mysticism and Caballa revealing the deeper meanings of the Rosicrucians old and obscured symbols. For example, from the CR+C Vault, he gives us information of the utmost importance as a result of the de-codification of the Vault symbolism: The Enlightment process.

He says that the true source of the Divine Light (such as Interior Light as explained in the Fama), is drawn from our Sun, the central star of our solar system and responsible for all life on Earth.

According to PFC, the Enlightment process is the result of an energy conversion using a particular and secret alchemical knowledge. He says that the process of Enlightment requires physical and metaphysic aspects to happen. This process involves changes in blood constitution, changes in the brain, and change in the structure and function of the body cells, culminating with the creation of a new "body light" or "Solar" body. With this new "body" we will be able, after the death of the physical body, to commune with the highest consciousness who reside in the Sun, the star of our planetary system. This is the highest stage of alchemical spiritual transformation.

Which comes in accordance with the information provided by the HOGD as taught in the 3 degrees of the third Order of HOGD ( (8, 9 and 10 degrees).

The HOGD says that the stars are the environment in which highest planetary consciousnesses evolve.

In fact, my initial experience in the initial grades of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn seems to support these affirmations. As I recall, the work I have experienced with AMORC ( is particularly related to the psychic centres (Chakras) confined to the head and the thorax. It turns out that, as expected, the HOGD works with these centres but extends the development work beyond the body, using centres like the one below of feet (our connection with the planetary energy) and the one above our head (the seat of the “Higher Self” or our “I inside”).

What I have experienced with various exercises (so-called rituals in GD) and with a particularly one called the Middle Pillar ritual is that all my body centres have been energized from that one above the head (let's call it the eighth Centre, Kether) flowing energy for all others until riching the one below the feet, causing deep vibrations throughout my body and establishing a divine Light connection to the stars (the deepest structures the universe) creating the real manifestation of the R+C.

Each time I'm more confident that the lessons of the GD were designed for advanced students in the path and not for beginners. This is also confirmed by the testimony of HOGD when they say that they accept in the Order those who already have a history and practise of mystical study.

That also rings the bell when I read AMORC’s 11 degree (written by HSL) saying that advancements in Rosicrucians studies can only be found in the GD...  

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